Imitate Li Qiuping?Liao Basket introduction aid purpose is clear, Zhang Zhenlin will benefit

2022-05-30 0 By

As the liaoning men’s basketball team after training with the big, a lot of information are made clear, especially the team personnel situation, is not just the players, and other staff, such as more of a team, after all, unfamiliar faces, is a stout foreign aid, but this foreign aid is not play, but the assistant coach, to help the team.Because he is just an ordinary assistant coach, liaoning men’s basketball team did not make a big publicity, but this does not mean that he is not important, on the contrary, it just shows the determination and ideas of Liaoning men’s basketball team.The foreign teacher is Wallace, who previously worked for The North Control team to assist Stephon Marbury. Now, liaoning men’s basketball team is trying to strengthen Zhang Zhenlin’s weakness, and Wallace can do just that.Explosive Zhang Zhenlin advantage is very obvious, the body quality, dare to dare to spell, three-point shooting is also very good, but the ball is almost unfinished, ball together also is not very good, so the distance from the top small forward is a distance, like a peak time Ding Yanyu navigation, and Vince young, are combined with good, people, especially the injured before Ding Yanyu navigation,And Zhang Zhenlin outshone their two body quality, poor now is ball and experience, the liaoning men’s basketball team is also interested in cultivating Zhang Zhenlin ball singles ability, but the effect is not obvious, so the team is also under the cruel, please come to the foreign teachers, Wallace’s most good at the ball training, and the projection, and this, just can help Zhang Zhenlin.The reason why Liaoning men’s basketball team helped Zhang Zhenlin with such a clear purpose is also a bit of reference to the former Li Qiuping. When Li Qiuping led Xinjiang to defeat Guangdong to win the championship, he once said bluntly that Guangdong needs to guard Zhou Peng and Yi Jianlian should not pay too much attention to it.At that time, Yi Jianlian was injured, and his athletic ability and the whole competitive state were affected, so he was not a great deterrent. At that time, Zhou Peng was still young and had comprehensive skills. However, The small forwards of Xinjiang had Li Gen and Kelanbeck, so he never failed.There is no doubt that the liaoning men’s basketball team goal now is to a championship, hypothetical opponent is guangdong, so you need to have specific work, although today’s yi jianlian from injury, but sports ability drops greatly, really have the li said the meaning of the words, and Vince old and grow stronger, need to pay attention to, so the liaoning men’s basketball team is also to strengthen his past 3 short plate reinforcement work,Not only do not lose, but also earn a little, so Zhang Zhenlin’s improvement is crucial.