Lovely!Su Yiming 10 years old competition video exposure a northeast little milk sound is too cute

2022-05-30 0 By

China’s Su Yiming clinched the men’s snowboard platform gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday with two near-perfect 1800-degree twists, even before the final jump.Knowing that she could win the first two jumps, Su held her coach in tears and did not get up for a long time.Su says that coach Yasuhiro Sato is the most important reason why she is where she is today.From the day su yiming decided to become a snowboarder in the Olympics, he knew Coach Sato, and they trained together until they reached the top podium of the Beijing Winter Olympics.In 2014, a profile picture was exposed: su Yiming, who was only 10 years old, participated in the international open skiing competition and introduced herself confidently and freely in front of the camera. Her northeast milk voice was so cute.At the post-race press conference, Su was asked about the next Winter Olympics and her plans for the future.He said that no matter skiing, film or other goals in life, he will always try to let everyone see a different version of himself, and show a more diverse version of himself to everyone.”I also want everyone to know that I can not only be good at one thing, but I can be the best at anything I like.I’ve learned a lesson myself, that hard work never deceives people.Today, I can prove that.”