What kind of car did the guy with the Japanese trash in his mouth buy?Have you ever met the “four Weirdos” who understand cars?

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What kind of car did the guy who spat Japanese crap out of his mouth buy?Have you ever met the “four Weirdos” who understand cars?During the Spring Festival, everyone is still immersed in the joy of getting together with their families. I wish you a happy New Year and a big windfall in the New Year!I don’t know if you have noticed that many friends will put their car purchase plans on the agenda whenever the end of the year approaches, and people with various personalities will also show obvious differences at this time.So today, I would like to share with you four “weird” friends who know about cars, and see if anyone around you has a similar personality.”Trolls” are not uncommon in our life. They always follow the principle of “everything can be trolled”. Whether it is playing games or drinking, these people can stand on high and verbally suppress the things or things they don’t like.A car troll is someone who goes crazy about a car they don’t like when choosing a car.A jet is one of the big car trolls around him, except for the Lynk 03+ on his computer desktop, the other models are all “junk”.For example, my favorite subaru BRZ is just like a scooter for the elderly: it breaks 100 in 7.3 seconds, but it is not as fast as the trumpchi. Why do you want it?You call yourself a sports car?The younger brother explained to him: what we like about BRZ is never how fast it is, but the integrated control of people and cars, and the ease of “walking sideways”.Still, he decided speed was the key, so he pulled out the keys to his Kawasaki ninja400, which clocked an official 0-100km/h speed of 4.9 seconds, a full second faster than the standard LINKker 03+ ‘s 5.9 seconds.”Ninja400 is only 785mm high, so most of the ninja400 riders are girls, so you’re A girl,” he replies.I have to say, A jet’s “professional quality” is really good, no matter what car he can find the spot, and the quick response is also the younger brother is far beyond the point.So, the little brother gave up the struggle, not really convinced, but because…Said.In your life, especially the wine field, someone must have heard of gushing, long, top know astronomy, bottom know geography, they have a strong knowledge base and the little elder brother know god “B”, is a car circle keyboard lr, although there is no car, driving technology is quite general, but both Japanese and ashkenazi whether cross-country or track, he understand!One of my first impressions of God B was when he pointed out the way, while everyone was talking about which cheap cars to get off the track:Secondhand Peugeot 206, this car mainly in 2006-2008 between the license, now the second-hand car price is less than 10,000 yuan, the potential for modification is huge, because its “not dead bird” engine has a mature modification program, a little modification can be in the track “kill ox kill horse”.Once, when we were watching a section of off-road vehicle going downhill, the vehicle lost control and rolled down directly after the brake failed. God B said at this moment, “How can you put a dull brake foot when going downhill?”Everyone looked to GOD B, and then his little cross-country class began: downhill to low speed, too fast to brake slowly, in case the center of gravity moved forward, resulting in overturned car;If the fast brake stop, feel the vehicle center of gravity has gone to the front, then put a little brake, can also turn the danger into safety.Look at everyone convincing appearance, B god drank a just bubble of Tieguanyin, taste life.The younger brother was full of respect for God B. He was not only experienced in choosing cars, but also experienced in driving, so he wondered how good his car was.After asking, God B replied, “I haven’t bought a car yet.”Er…B: That’s ok. B must have developed his driving skills by driving someone else’s car. After all, “driving someone else’s car is the fastest”.A chance, the little brother felt a GOD B driving technology: ten meters away from the traffic lights will stop early;There was an electric car passing fast on the non-motorized lane next to it. B put on his foot brake on the motorized lane.Even when B god is down in the bunker, he basically idles his vehicle to go forward.People who like entanglements like entanglements, no matter what they do: at ordinary times, he will be entangled in eating rice or noodles;When choosing clothes, he struggles with whether to buy something loose in a larger size or something fitted in a normal size.When it comes to choosing a car, the struggle continues.When he first learned about “C-corrected,” he said his Dream Car was an Audi S4, with a 3.0-ton V6 turbocharged engine and quattro all-wheel-drive system with a purely mechanical central differential, and its original body proportions.However, the car was in the blank period between “guo ⅴ” and “Guo ⅵ” at that time, which gave him time to consider and weigh.Less than two months later, he suddenly said that driving back seemed more fun, and that the S4 had a low-key look that was precocious for young people.The latest generation of the BMW 4-Series is much more handsome, with its “big die” mesh recognisable and rear-wheel drive for practice drift.Before long, he changed his story: this generation of 4 Series market is hot, the price of about 50,000 yuan to pick up the car as soon as possible, so he reluctantly gave up.Later, after considering and excluding the imported standard axle 530I and BMW Brilliance 330I, he finally placed an order in the 4S shop, a new generation of BMW 2 Series M240i, which was a year late.Just when the little brother thought the dust had settled, he said, “Actually, I don’t think so, order it first. Anyway, it will be a year before the car arrives, and then I will give the order to others if I don’t want it.”There is no need to say much about the elongated front type. They buy cars to prepare for each year. They are not satisfied with going to all the 4S shops in the city, and they do not order wechat after countless sales.”D-ra” fell in love with the new Toyota Supra at the 2018 Goodwood Speed Festival, and asked around for news of its introduction. Despite numerous sales contacts and “it’s still early,” her enthusiasm remained undiminished.Finally, the new Toyota Supra came to China, but along with the “markup”, the 2.0T model sold 496,000 yuan, dealers after the markup of the land price of about 600,000 yuan;The 3.0-T model is sold at 626,000 yuan, and the land price after the markup is about 800,000 yuan.So Della decided to wait until the day the Supra was raised!So far, the Toyota Supra has been on the market for 10 months. During this time, Della has remained calm. He not only keeps in touch with the sales staff on wechat, but also makes new sales friends at 4S stores, which he has never visited before.Two or three years after he decided to buy the Supra, he has been so unarrogant and unimpatient that when my brother asked him when he was going to do it, he replied, “Just wait.For a moment, the little brother seems to have heard the sales staff heartbroken voice: after all, it is wrong to pay.In the preparation of the “Four Weirdo know cars”, I had friendly communication with the “parties”, see they did not dislike, then began to write.Do not know you have the same personality as their side “eccentric”?What other weirdos do you have?Let’s open up and have a chat today.