Big city public security reminds: the fifth lunar New Year, fireworks and firecrackers ban provisions can not forget!

2022-05-31 0 By

Another year to meet the god of wealth and “break five” in order to express the good wishes of The Chinese working people to ward off evil spirits and get rid of disasters, welcome good luck, people inevitably want to set off firecrackers but WE also want to keep pace with The Times do not necessarily set off fireworks and firecrackers not big city public security reminder:Please don’t tested to comply with the requirements of the government banned illegal price at the moment of Spring Festival celebrations Advancing along with the development of ecological civilization construction and create a good ecological environment, fireworks, will release a great deal of particulate matter and harmful gas, intensify the fog haze, damage to the air quality, affect the physical and mental health, easy to cause a fire,Cause accidents and property damage.In order to make the majority of residents have a green and peaceful “environmental protection Spring Festival”, we hereby sincerely propose: to be a practitioner, low-carbon environmental protection year.Consciously abide by the relevant regulations, do not buy, do not store, do not set off fireworks and firecrackers, take the initiative to use electronic firecrackers, festive music, flowers and other low-carbon green lifestyle to celebrate the festival.Be a supervisor and have a safe and peaceful year.Play the sense of responsibility and mission of the master, not only do not set off fireworks at will, and dare to say “no” to the side of the uncivilized behavior in violation of the provisions of the prohibition, found fireworks, timely stop or report the situation, so that everyone can have a safe and happy Spring Festival.Be a propagandist and have a healthy year of civilization.Actively through wechat, Weibo, short video and other ways, widely publicized the harm of setting off fireworks, actively spread the concept of green life, and strive not to set off fireworks into the people’s conscious action, jointly create a strong atmosphere of prohibition, in a civilized and healthy way to bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new.Under the blue sky is our common home, clean water and green mountains need our care.Let’s join hands, start now, start from you and me, bid farewell to fireworks and firecrackers, and jointly create a safe, green, civilized, environmentally friendly holiday atmosphere.In order for you and your family to spend a stable and peaceful Spring Festival, please do not set off fireworks!At the same time found illegal storage, operation, transportation, setting off fireworks and other illegal acts, immediately report, report phone 110!The fifth day of the New Year to welcome the god of wealth, do not set off firecrackers the most sincere.To consolidate the results of prohibition, strive to be the most beautiful city!