Caring for low-income “Two Cancer Women” in Gaotang

2022-05-31 0 By

In order to care for low-income women with cancer and cancer, strengthen their confidence and determination to overcome the disease, reduce their families’ financial pressure, help them with health treatment, prevent them from falling into poverty due to the disease, and consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation.Weinan City, Huazhou District Gaotang town to care for the difficult “two cancer women” visit condolent activities.February 18, snow, cold gaotang town people’s Congress vice chairman, women’s federation chairman Yang Ying, town women’s federation vice chairman Chen Dan led the staff into the “two cancer women” Yang home visit condolences.Yang Ying had a warm talk with Yang and her family members and got to know Yang’s family life and health in detail.She encouraged Yang mou to be strong and optimistic, brave and confident, and actively face life;To believe in science, in strict accordance with the doctor told to actively carry out drug treatment, at the same time to develop good habits, to exercise, exercise more, improve the body immune ability, strive for an early recovery.At the same time told Yang family members to actively do a good job in Yang’s psychological counseling.Finally, Yang Ying, on behalf of the district women’s Federation, issued a special fund of 10,000 yuan for low-income women “two cancers”.Yang mou moved, said he will be firm confidence to overcome the disease, live up to the party and the government, as well as family care and love.In the “two cancer women” Wang home, Yang Ying on behalf of the district women’s Federation wang mou issued low-income women “two cancer” special fund rescue, and encourage Wang mou to their successful treatment experience to the sisters around the publicity of the “two cancer” prevention knowledge, to help more people timely prevention and scientific treatment of the two cancer “disease.Next, Gaotang Women’s Federation will further increase the “two cancer” health knowledge publicity, in-depth implementation of the “two cancer” relief, “two cancer” free examination and other benefits of the people’s policy, improve the town women’s health awareness, let “two cancer patients” regain confidence, active treatment, as soon as possible to return to a healthy and happy life track.(Correspondent: Dou Xiaofeng, Editor: Li Jing)