Hong Kong actress Chan Chen-yee has been rumoured to be dating several male stars, and her boyfriend says he doesn’t mind

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Not all of the stars are showing off their love this Valentine’s Day, as some of them are revealing more about their girlfriends’ outrageous behavior.Earlier this year, Hong Kong Sister runner-up Chen Chenyi was caught cheating on her by her boyfriend Chow Ziyang, but in order to win back her girlfriend, Chow ziyang did not pursue the matter.This thought zhou Ziyang’s generosity can be exchanged for his girlfriend’s “change of heart”, which had thought of Valentine’s Day that day, Zhou Ziyang could not help but send “gift”, expose girlfriend Chen Zhenyi is very good at playing ambiguous, in addition to their own cut constantly, but also with a number of male star gossip, wonderful degree makes people surprised.On February 15, Hong Kong media reported that In addition to her six-month love affair with Chow Tzi Yang, Chan had also been dating an outside man named Andy for four years. Besides these two, she was also rumored to be with five other entertainers, including four male stars and one female assistant.The male stars are former bird of Paradise member Lincoln, Ho Chiu-lian former Huang Jun-hao, South Korean advertising male model, Zeng Li-zhen love sauce Lin Zheng-feng, Feng Yingying’s female assistant (dress neutral).As for his girlfriend’s first date, Zhou Ziyang revealed in an interview with the media that he had been serving as Chen’s driver when they were dating, but since her appointment, the early ambiguous has changed, and she will not participate in some specific actions.Chow recounted an earlier incident in which she revealed that Chen would not let her drive her to and from school, and when she contacted her, she refused to talk by saying she was sleeping instead of calling.Soon after, Chow finds Lincoln and Huang Posting photos on social media.In the footage, it’s not hard to see that Chan is not sleeping, but staying up late with Wong and Lincoln.For his girlfriend’s behavior, Zhou zi Yang kindly reminded that people in the entertainment industry are very complicated, do not be taken advantage of.Chen responded with a text message, saying she had no feelings for the stars but just wanted to take advantage of their opportunities to find more jobs, promising that she would only love Chow.I thought that such a reminder will let his girlfriend Chen Zhenyi “convergence”, did not expect that the other party is more intensified.Among the five, Chan would gladly go whenever invited.According to Chow, his girlfriend Chen Chenyi explained to him that everyone he dates has their own characteristics.Lincoln has a series and can be referred to through his manager.Huang junhao is a professional model, he can introduce work to himself.Lin Zhengfeng is zeng lizhen’s general, can be contacted through him.South Korean male models can introduce her to work in the South Korean entertainment industry, and Feng yingying can help her take perfect photos.From this analysis, Chen Zhenyi, the elder sister of Hong Kong, is indeed quite intelligent, but people who walk along the river will not have wet shoes, ambiguous, only let oneself get deeper and deeper, improve themselves is the most real.When asked why he exposed his girlfriend Chen Chenyi, Zhou ziyang admitted that he really loved her and even tolerated her “soldier”.It seems that the entertainment circle is really a big dye VAT, whether it is the mainland, or Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, this circle is full of a lot of irregular rules.