Pearl River night tour route, the pearl River must punch

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Start from Tian-zi Pier, pass by Bai E-tan area, then arrive at Guangzhou Tahai Xinsha, and finally return to Tian-zi Pier.It takes about one and a half hours to walk the whole route. There is also a delicious buffet on the boat, so you can enjoy the food while enjoying the beautiful scenery.How did the Pearl River get its name?It is called the Pearl River because it runs through haizhu Island.Pearl River is the third largest river in China, the beautiful scenery at night is very bright, night cruise pearl River, as if place oneself in Hong Kong’s Victoria harbor, is indeed a great enjoyment.It should be noted that because it is night tour, we should first of all main safety, secondly pay attention to warm.The above is xiaobian night tour of the Pearl River route, I hope to help you.