An Yixuan husband Chen Ronglian, took out the gambling royal family room infighting

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The shocking news late last year was the arrest of Mr. An’s husband, Chen Ronglian.As soon as the news broke, Taiwan media asked An Yixuan for confirmation, but He did not respond.Then, Macao side on the witness of this news.And indeed, as everyone suspected, it had something to do with Zemiwa.In November last year, Macau gambling king Chime Mihua was suspected of opening casinos in The territory for cross-border gambling, which was serious and is still under investigation.At that time, Hong Kong media reported that the ximihua affair also involved Chen Ronglian, chairman of Dejin Group.Really did not lead long, Chen Ronglian also got and wash rice hua the same “treatment”, it is worth saying that behind these two people, do have a big melon.Chen Ronglian behind, standing is gambling wang family three too Chen Wanzhen;Behind Ximihua, standing is gambling wang family’s fourth wife Angela Leong.Like Ximihua, Chen Ronglian was born in the same group and rose to the top because of his flexible mind. In 2007, he established The Dejin Group, which owns 13 luxurious VIP halls and nearly 200 gaming tables in Macao. The business is in full swing.Ms Chen’s first VIP lounge opened in a casino owned by Mr Lui’s Galaxy Entertainment.When we think he is Lv Zhihe’s person, these years de Jin’s gambling hall distribution, obviously tilted to the He family.After the death of Stanley Ho last year, Ms Chan spent $1.344 billion to acquire Mr Chow’s 20 per cent stake in Lee Chun, overtaking the stake of Chan Yuen-jen, the third wife of the casino family, to become the largest shareholder.To explain, Lee Chun macau was co-founded by Stanley Ho and his former associates Chow Kam Fai and Lee Keung Keung. Chan yuen-jen of SAN Tai is the third largest shareholder in the company with a stake of more than 16%.When we thought Chen Ronglian was proud, he was also involved in the follow-up of the washing mihua case, how the fate of the future, it is hard to say.Wash rice hua everyone is very clear, relying on the collapse of the colt, and got the favor of the gambling king family four too Angela Leong, all the way up, act and high-profile clinking, even to “Macao small gambling king”.In the gambling royal family in the last four too, also need some right-hand men, smart wash mihua into four too eyes, these years has also been fighting for four too.They are rumoured to be working together to bid on the cards when they expire in 2022.And in the gambling king’s family, now the thing is the second room, the second room is absolutely not allowed to other rooms alone, so the first start is strong, want to clean four too wings, have to start from her side, gambling king here, Ximihua followed the accident, is not accidental.Before the xiamihua accident, Pansy Ho has taken back his hands of their own casino VIP hall contract right, it can be imagined that the word of the gambling royal family is now determined to have a relationship with the three rooms four rooms side of the people away from involvement.Macao gambling card so a few pieces, fold code son also want to bypass big guy himself to earn, just, ordinary people can think of things, big guy what can’t think of?So, big guy first start strong, first get rid of the side of the time bomb to say again, lest wait for the other side full fledged, and then to get rid of the other side is not so easy.Bet Wang Jiazu infighting winners fannie and Freddie, is now determined to slowly make money, they inherited the legacy of the ho, who is becoming more and more innocence, and three room four room here, because no too much benefit in points on the property of the family, also want to continue to bo a way of doing things, after all, gambling Wang Jiazu fortune is next to the casino, this is their roots.General trend, now Macao, has started to modify the “casino lucky gambling operation legal system” public consultation, it is clear that the rules to be revised, and the old rich family he jia, also actively and passively open the journey of transformation, the previous rules did not work, they have to find another way.As for the transformation of this among them, sacrifice a few small lunderman, also eradicate the prestige of a few other rooms incidentally, for now when the second room side, is also imperative.