Moderate drinking may help you live longer than exercise, according to a 15-year study by a US university

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For humans, wine is a very special drink.In the traditional view, alcohol can promote the development of social relations, can make us feel happier, the relationship between people to the next level, so that the society benefits from it.But for thousands of years of traditional history, alcohol has also brought us many crises, which is a blessing as well as a curse. Alcohol kills a large number of people every year because of the countless injuries caused by alcohol.Alcohol, after all, has two sides.Some time ago, an American university made a statement, they studied the effect of alcohol on our body, and found that moderate drinking may be good for us, and may even help us live longer than exercise. Is it true?Let’s take a look.A scientist at the University of California is so interested in alcohol that he spent 15 years studying more than 1,850 people over the age of 90 and found that moderate drinking may be more helpful for longevity than moderate exercise.His research results show that a person drinking a small amount of beer a day can reduce the possibility of premature death twenty percent, and half an hour’s exercise every day can only reduce ten percent probability of early death, so he think daily moderate drinking is conducive to longevity, but he doesn’t speak of this association, this is with his own sense of study.From the conclusion alone, this study does seem to prove that there is an unspeakable relationship between alcohol consumption and human health. However, the researchers cannot provide a clear scientific explanation. It is only a subjective judgment, which cannot explain the positive effects of alcohol on human health.In fact, there is no such thing as a safe amount of alcohol to drink.A British scientist has conducted a study of more than 20,000 people and found that the effects of alcohol on our brains can change dramatically in the size of grey matter.As a very important part of the nervous system, gray matter can process a lot of information, and damage, even a small amount of damage, can cause great harm to our memory and information processing ability.Scientists in different ways and the type of alcohol drinking were compared, the results found that as long as into our body, no matter what type of alcohol, in what way into the body, will cause harm to our health, and drink a little alcohol every day even though the probability of suffering from a serious illness is not large, but compared to the ordinary people are still high for several orders of magnitude,From this conclusion, the so-called study, which took 15 years to conduct, was nothing more than a self-soothing effect.Why doesn’t alcohol have any positive effects on our health?This is because our bodies don’t have the digestive juices to digest alcohol directly, which means the alcohol in our intestines isn’t broken down in a timely manner, and it’s particularly permeable, so it slowly seeps into our blood vessels.The concentration of alcohol in the blood increases, which causes a large number of organs in the body to soak in alcohol, which naturally damages them.Even our brains often get “drunk” to avoid this kind of harm.Does that make sense?