Official figure appreciation, BYD seal more details exposed

2022-06-01 0 By

Why does the law of true fragrance apply every time in the passenger car market?It is because of those unofficial channels photographed spy photos, issued declarations, shooting techniques are too simple, the color is too single, can not reflect the characteristics of the vehicle and a specific Angle of beauty.So we just saw the spy photos, the declaration map, will feel and the expected effect is very different.Just recently, BYD officially released the official image of the seal, which is even more stunning with the optimization of the silvery frost-colored car paint and the overlap of light and shadow.Although this front shape is somewhat similar to Model 3, but the sharper lamp set with sharp line modification, plus the addition of the original front shovel and diversion port, the overall front face brings stronger aggression than Model 3.From the side of the car, the seal’s long wheelbase and short front and rear suspension advantage is obvious, which directly improves the chassis response of the whole car, thus further improving handling performance.In addition to the pass-through lights that give trypophobia sufferers headaches, the rear of the car is also highlighted by the large diffuser design that only comes with the performance car below.Power, double motor performance version maximum power 390km, single motor 150, 230km high and low power, there is always a suitable for you!