The medical staff toasted “Business is on the up” and the verdict came

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“Best wishes for a prosperous career!”If you say something at the wrong time, at the wrong place, you may have a problem.↓ “The three departments will be flourishing in 2022” Hospital business?Thriving?What are we looking forward to?A video showing a group of medical staff dressed in white coats standing in two rows and Shouting the uncomfortable words at a hospital in Shangrao, Jiangxi province, has become a hot topic on the Internet.On February 12, jiangxi shangrao GuangFeng area WeiJianWei issued an announcement has been obliged to relevant involved hospital in notice said, after the check, on January 25, 2022, our hospital had to move to whole new building of traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine, medical personnel department held a spontaneous simple relocation ceremony, wording is not rigorous when build atmosphere,After uploaded by the hospital staff network ambiguity, resulting in bad social impact.We are deeply saddened by this and solemnly apologize to society.At present, the hospital involved has been instructed to severely deal with those responsible, and further investigate the departments and individuals involved. The investigation results will be taken into account in accordance with the rules and disciplines.Do doctors and nurses want hospital departments to thrive?!But I believe this is just an occasional case. The medical staff in the video is just like the notice said, “the wording is not precise”. That’s all!”I hope there is no disease in the world, and how to cherish the dust generated by the medicine on the shelf” contemporary doctors should take this as a mirror to achieve “the benevolence of doctors”.