Qi Yang city 2022 project reserve will be held

2022-06-02 0 By

Today yongzhou news (correspondent Li Xiangjun) February 11 morning, Qi Yang held 2022 project reserve meeting, Qi Yang municipal Committee standing committee, executive vice mayor Bai Xiongwen chaired the meeting and speech.Qi Yang city leaders Jiang Mingming, Zhou Zhenlin, Zhang Xueming, Tang Linwei and the city’s units, departments to the main responsible person and hair change bureau class into personnel, unit room responsible person to attend the meeting.At the meeting, Dr. Li Yun from Hunan International Engineering Consulting Company analyzed the government investment projects and special bond projects from six aspects, including basic concepts, main policy basis and background interpretation of “Government Investment Regulations”.Based on the 2022 central budgetary allocations of the eight areas and key support special important support of nine big field of bond funds, explain both the theory expounded, and the case analysis, also answered straight misunderstanding between the city department in the project application, blind area, simple and easy to understand, to do a good job is of great importance to investment projects enlightening and guiding role.Bai Xiongwen pointed out that we should prepare early, grab the beginning, start well, start well, hold the project reserve meeting, the main purpose is to use the “outside brain”, to the government investment projects and special bond projects of the reserve, declaration of a full range of sorting, in order to improve our city reserve projects, packaging projects, declaration of the project capacity and level.All units and departments should strengthen their study, conduct in-depth research on relevant work in their respective fields, strengthen the development of reserve projects, form a reserve list of investment and special debt projects within the central budget, and ensure that in planning and promoting projects in their respective units and fields, the direction is clear, the tasks are clear, the measures are detailed, and the results are good.What parker stressed that a rapid transition from idea, actively planning, head start “” initiative,” difference “planning for platform, advance and plot a number of government investment project, form a pool, library and investment plans, rolling development of benign mechanism, control the central budget special bonds investment and government reporting requirements, active docking project,We will ensure that programs and policies are accurately matched and balanced, and that investment is leveraged to strengthen weak links by adjusting the economic structure.