The Beauty is not enough. Ding Mo is back with a great game. 9.8 is amazing

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Hello everyone, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this article.Recently many book fans do not know what to read good reaction, unknowingly into the situation of book shortage.As a super love network push novels I, thinking for a long time decided to read their own feel good novels to share with you, like reading fans, do not miss it, today small make up minutes to let friends see addiction don’t sleep, hee hee.Content Introduction: In front of outsiders, Han Shen, this man, has always been handsome and cold, strangers do not approach.He is as white and cold as frost and snow, and as calm and moving as night water.He is an unattainable absolute male god in the eyes of all.Only in front of the white Jinxi, the famous world of a police superintendent, will be exposed to hide the essence of deep.”Sit down, I won’t eat you — unless you ask me to.””I never touched another woman.To check the body…Into the pit guide: probably see her mood is not too high, Xu Sibai did not say to eat dinner, his drive back to the house.Jinxi a person upstairs, into the room.It was just getting dark and the room was very dark.She sat at the head of the bed for a while without turning on the light. She looked at the picture in the dim light for a while. Then she threw the picture into a drawer, picked up her cigarette and matches, and went out onto the balcony.Downstairs, the old town was as quiet as a bleak painting, little changed in four years.She lit a cigarette and smoked slowly, tears falling down her cheeks.You’ll get married when you graduate.In my life, I won’t marry you.See zhao Zixu’s photo today, she actually have no feeling.But when she remembered the words in her dream, she still wanted to cry.More than once she wondered what would happen if that man still loved her, if he just didn’t know where she was, if for some reason he was blocked from coming to her.Then she must have gone through so much trouble to find him.Turns out, reality is so boring.Her tears soon ceased, and she only indulged herself with a few gulps and gulps.Is smoking lethargy, heard the mobile phone “didi” rang.Her cell phone rang in the car, and she didn’t answer.Now pick up a look, it is han Shen morning sent a text message: “received.”Because I didn’t read it, my phone kept reminding me.She put down her cigarette and replied, “Ok.”Then he stopped smoking and lay prone on the balcony with his arms under his pillow, looking at the distance with his nose sour.After about four or five minutes, a text came in.”What’s the matter?White Jinxi looked at the message, a little stunned.The most simple greeting, however, is han Shen hair over, inexplicable let a person’s heart a jump.She replied: “Nothing, I went back to the police academy today, a little tired.Is it good?”He replied quickly, “Yummy.”White Jinxi could not help laughing, back: “fortunately not humiliating life!”On the other end of the phone, Han Shen sat in his office, looking at his phone and smiling.On weekend evenings, the office was empty, everyone was going home and out to play, and the lights were off in many places.He was alone, sitting under the lamp, with nothing to do and nowhere to go.Then received the message of white Jinxi.There’s only one word. It’s out of character.Perhaps in such a lonely twilight, a man’s mind will be lost for a moment.Looking at her hair to come over this faint with low message, subconscious knock “how” three words.And in the heart, but also a touch of sentimental tenderness.But this gentle soon abrupt end.She was going back to the academy.If his memory serves him right, she graduated from the Shajiang Police Academy.Everywhere he went, he searched extensively for his fiancee, starting with police officers.According to Bai Jinxi’s information, she has lived, studied and worked in K province since childhood and has never been to Beijing.And she doesn’t know him. There’s no sign of a disguise.She was not the one he was looking for.He knew this already.The smile faded as he put his phone back in his pocket, stood up and walked out of the dimly lit office.(Click the following link to read the novel) The second book: “If the snail has love” by Ding Mo Content introduction: one day, routine talk about work, the man turned: “chasing you so long, have any idea?”Xu Xu surprised: “You chasing me?”The man patiently lit a cigarette and stared at her with dark eyes: “Every day to accompany you to do morning exercises, hand in hand to teach you to shoot, the whole police call you sister-in-law…What do you think I’m doing?”Xu Xu was silent for a moment: “Oh…Don’t chase.”The man’s heart a heavy, tone cold down: “what mean?”.Into the pit guide: “the United States is filling” not satisfactory, Ding Mo with a good return to ride the wind and waves, 9.8 minutes super amazing friends grow up together said, season white is single, because the vision is too pick too poison.Ji Bai does not confirm or deny.But he was sure that his white woman should be unique, as rare as the world.But today, he was actually his little apprentice did not hesitate to abandon the face.This feeling, really subtle.He had been tutoring her himself for a few weeks, and on the whole, he was very pleased with her.Clever, diligent, quiet, pleasing to the eye, he did not have to say anything twice, and sometimes she understood him before he had finished his sentence.He even made the occasional comment that surprised him.She was a diamond in the rough, but luckily he got her.Must be carefully polished, will not let her dust.When she heard that he had received a female apprentice, she sighed, “Ah, if this were to be put on others, it might be an exciting affair between teachers and apprentices.But you probably trained some girl like a man, right?It’s merciless.”Ji Bai just laughed.Harsh, of course, but he did not treat her like a man.In the eyes of the twenty-eight-year-old Ji Bai, the twenty-four-year-old Xu Xu, in the final analysis, or a inexperienced little girl.The spring sun was perfect, the brown table was thin and the air was warm and dry.The little one was sitting there, serious and red and white, looking like a chicken ready to fight…Okay, don’t get into her “dislike”.Because this is the typical “Xu Xu style” the most complex brain, the most simple heart.But this sudden appearance of a passer-by…Ji Bai glanced at Ye Zi Xiao, looked down to continue to read the newspaper Xu Xu should be able to fix themselves.Xu Xu wanted to end the farce quickly, but after that, both men fell silent.The atmosphere seems a little weirder than before.At this moment, the door rang and Yao Meng came back carrying three cups of milk tea.See suddenly come out of the Leaf zi xiao, a little accident, have no sound, but to Xu Xu pass an inquiry eye.Ye Zi Xiao to Yao Meng, slightly one zheng, then looked at Ji Bai.”Xu Xu said so, his anger naturally disappeared, and his face changed faster than the book, with a smile in his eyes:” I’m sorry, I misunderstood.I’m Tzuxiao Ye.”Reach out to Ji Bai.Ji Bai glanced at him and shook hands as usual. “Ji Bai.”Ye Zi Xiao one zheng, also not angry, a glance at the table dishes, smile: “today I was rude, I play host.”Just as he was about to take out his wallet, Ji bai smiled, “No.Take my charge.”He ate here often, and knew the owner well, so he put some money in to avoid the trouble of checking out every time.Ye Zi xiao smile, looking at Xu Xu, a little silly and a little to please the meaning.Xu Xu sighed in his heart and stood up: “Let’s go out and talk.”Ye Zi Xiao, stand up, but also for Xu Xu open the chair.When they turned out of the store, Yao Meng, who had been silent, was surprised: “Her bag is still here.”From the moment wen Banjin fell in love with Xu Chengyan at first sight, it was doomed to this painful ending. Even if Xu Chengyan did not love her and hated her, Wen Banjin would force him to marry her.Know that the moment of terminal cancer, Wen Banjin began to look back at two people dilapidated marriage, finally know to let go……Pit guide: “Xu Chengyan you are simply a bastard!”Wen Half jin roar.Cancer should take medicine on time to recuperate, Wen Half jin is the same did not do, now the feeling of brain pain to burst.The air around has become iron into the lung cavity, the only oxygen is also in a little bit from the inside of the body away, Warm half jin feel throat gushed up a fishy sweet, and then closed his eyes.Quiet down the room let Xu Chengyan felt something was wrong, turned and looked at lying on the bed motionless Wen Banjin, Xu Chengyan thought she did not want to ignore him deliberately pretended to sleep.”Wen Half jin you don’t give me sleep, hurry up and give me up!”Wen Banjin the whole person was he dragged up, a blood directly spit out, dyed red xu Chengyan most of the white shirt.Blossoming red flowers appear particularly dazzling.”Wen Banjin!I order you to wake up!”See warm half jin has not responded, Xu Chengyan just panic, immediately picked up full of blood warm half jin rushed to the hospital, readily grabbed a doctor, shouted, “hurry up and save her!Quick!”The doctor saw two people covered with blood scared in situ did not move, out of professional literacy and immediately return to the state, let Xu Chengyan put her on the hospital bed, immediately pushed Wen Banjin to run to the operating room.Dr Su, who had just finished an operation, saw this and could not believe it. He grabbed Xu’s collar and shouted at him, “You must kill your wife to be satisfied!””Dr. Su, this is a hospital.””Whispered the nurse.Dr. Su gave Xu a white look, put on a mask, and said, “Prepare for the operation immediately. I am the exclusive doctor of this patient.”Xu Chengyan also wanted to go in but was directly blocked outside the operation.The blood on the white shirt was half dry, and a smell of rust filled the air. Xu chengyan was sitting in a chair, his breath and heartbeat could be heard in the whole corridor.I do not know why, obviously at ordinary times for Wen Banjin hate to die, wish she died, now she really had an accident, he was afraid she would die in the past.After being closed for two hours, the door finally opened and a nurse came out. “Sir, what’s your relationship with the patient?”The tone was hurried and anxious.”I am her husband. How about Wen Banjin?”Xu chengyan asked.”The patient is bleeding, intracranial hypoxia is still in a coma, the patient’s condition is not ideal, you first sign this critical notice, we will do our best to rescue.”The nurse took out a critical notice to Xu Chengyan.Xu chengyan only felt that the words on the paper are jumping, open every word to understand, combined together but become difficult to understand, only the critically ill notice five words ruthlessly into Xu Chengyan’s eyes.”Will she die…”Xu chengyan murmuring, hand always do not fall pen.(Click the link below to read the novel.) That’s all for today’s recommendation, what would you like to say to the editor?Leave a comment in the comments section at the end of this article. I’m looking forward to your comments.”On the top of the Cloud” save the dying and help the injured & cold silent “Munanzhi” is amazing, Lin Jiacheng this article again create the peak of ancient words, 9.8 points upset the title escaped Lin Jiacheng, avoid Xie Annian, but was finally squeaks this 9.8 points ancient words amazing to push “the sugar in the middle of his palm” soft little girl & the overlord gentle uncle blowing “Quick wear:Proud jiao host is always attacked “Lao Lao package & high cold angel