The driver fainted due to excessive blood loss, and the service area staff rushed to the rescue

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Sansho metropolis daily on February 6 – (full media reporters and tingting correspondent Yang Wei Wu Gaoxiang Zheng Ping) on February 5th night, Mr. Lin drove a white car from dongkou to shaoyang city, not the G60 will be expected in the shanghai-kunming high-speed longhui service area B toilet because wound split bled syncope, fortunately are patrolling longhui service staff timely rescue.At about 21:15 on the same day, Wu Gaoxiang and Zheng Ping, administrators of Longhui Service area, were on night patrol when they suddenly heard the cries of cleaning staff and passengers in the men’s room: “Hurry up!Passengers have fainted!”Hearing the cry for help, Wu quickly called security personnel, while Zheng ping rushed to the men’s room.”He had collapsed to the ground, his face pale, and his relatives were clinging to his upper body, screaming for help…”Zheng Ping recalled.After inquiring about the basic situation, he immediately called Wu Gaoxiang to contact the 120 emergency center of Longhui County and requested 120 ambulances to go to the service area of Longhui to rescue the unconscious passengers.At the same time, they worked with the security personnel and Mr. Lin’s relatives to carry the unconscious Mr. Lin to the passenger lounge.At 21:31, Mr. Lin slowly opened his eyes and thanked the staff for helping him.At 21:40, 120 ambulance arrived, Mr. Lin was immediately rushed to longhui County People’s Hospital for treatment.It is reported that Mr. Lin recently underwent hemorrhoid surgery, and when he went to the toilet accidentally caused the wound to collapse and then suffered from excessive blood loss and fainting.His condition is now stable because he was sent to hospital in time.[Editor: Chen Shuyi][Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]