The effect of “double reduction” and the guarantee of teaching quality in Xicheng District of Beijing in the autumn semester of 2021

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Xicheng District thoroughly implemented the decision and deployment of “double reduction” work, actively acted, took the initiative, vigorously implemented, and achieved certain results.According to the quality monitoring results of Xicheng District, the sleeping time of students has significantly increased. For example, the proportion of students who sleep more than 9 hours (including 9 hours) in xicheng District has increased by 16 percentage points.The excellent rate and good rate of physical health monitoring in our district have been improved to varying degrees.The duration of homework is significantly reduced and the quality of homework is greatly improved. Parents’ satisfaction with the form of homework is as high as 98.3%.According to the curriculum standards, finish all learning tasks with high quality, and keep the academic quality at a high level.I. Government-led, strengthening top-level design A “double reduction” work leading group headed by the leaders of the responsible district has been established to make overall plans and coordinate the “double reduction” work of the district, ensure that key issues are jointly managed, difficult issues are studied collectively, and various tasks are implemented in place.1. Improve the four job security mechanisms.Namely, collaborative linkage mechanism, typical case promotion mechanism, professional support mechanism, supervision and investigation mechanism.For example, through regular working meetings, special work sessions, director’s office meetings and other ways, departments work together, pool their ideas and efforts to jointly promote.Through “Xicheng District primary and Secondary School” “Double Reduction” work briefing “to release regional work dynamics, share typical school experience;Through the linkage of the four departments of administration, teaching and research, scientific research and supervision, sinking schools, specific guidance and support schools to carry out in-depth work.2. System design “2+X” policy support system.”2″ refers to two standards, namely “Xicheng District compulsory education schools” “double reduction” work evaluation points “xicheng District compulsory education schools after-school service evaluation points.”X” means a series of “ShuangJian” policy documents, and our focus on courses, classroom, teaching materials, assignments, and evaluation of the basic elements to form a complete set of rules and regulations, such as the xicheng district discipline job design and implementation of compulsory education stage guidance “, “the xicheng district service after class curriculum construction guidance” compulsory education stage, provide a standard reference work for schools to promote “ShuangJian”.On this basis, the guidance of the school combined with the school situation, one school case, through the “double reduction” landing the last kilometer.Ii. Co-construction and Sharing to Stimulate the Development Of the Main Body While doing a good job of top-down top-level design, Xicheng District pays more attention to bottom-up fresh experience sharing and typical driving, and constantly stimulate the development of the school’s vitality and innovation.1. Build consensus and enhance school creativity.Carry out “big study, big discussion” activities at the regional level, strengthen the training of school cadres, give full play to their leading role in promoting the “double reduction” work.Four seminars on primary and secondary education and teaching work were held, and two forums for primary school principals were held to discuss issues such as homework quality improvement, teaching evaluation, and “integrated construction of in-class and after-class curriculum system”.Organized the monthly special activity of district education and scientific research with the theme of “Promoting high-quality compulsory education around the implementation of ‘Double reduction'”, showing the practice cases of unit homework design and after-school service curriculum construction of 8 schools.2. Care for the growth of teachers and let education have temperature.We care for the growth of teachers by innovating teacher evaluation, management and incentive mechanism, teacher rotation, flexible work and work system, healthy action for teachers, and providing extra meals for teachers.For example, at the end of 2021, on the basis of after-school service performance allocated by the municipal finance, district-level education funds will be appropriately increased to improve the after-school service subsidies for teachers.Three, based on “formative assessment, operations research and classroom teaching” joint optimization of xicheng district to build “specification + efficient” teaching management in order to improve the effectiveness of classroom teaching as the beginning of the school students, adhering to the “promotion education administrative action research, scientific research department, school behavior improvement” strategy, implementation guidance and quality control of the school teaching.1. Deepen the discussion and build an efficient classroom.The teaching and research system with young teachers’ talent display activities, “Sailing Cup”, “Xicheng Cup” and “Golden Autumn Cup” as the focal point has been constructed.For example, in this year’s 19th “Golden Autumn Cup” classroom teaching demonstration activity, all the discipline leaders and key teachers of our district participated in and set a good example, focusing on the formative evaluation and the overall operation design of units under the background of “double reduction”.During the activity, a total of 415 classes and 6 professional forums of 13 disciplines were opened, giving full play to the functions of teaching research, academic guidance and radiation driving.2. Carry out the three-plus linkage research to realize the “individuality” and “flexibility” of operations.Based on homework to test the teaching effect, analyze the learning situation, improve the function of teaching methods, carry out the “formative evaluation + homework research + classroom teaching” combined research.Publish unit knowledge map and job map examples, develop unit job design thinking model, and build a hierarchical operation system of “basic class-promotion class-expansion class”.At the beginning of the school term, we checked 12 district children’s palaces, science and technology museums and other off-campus resources, and provided after-school service “menus” for more than 200 courses for the school, and the school “ordered meals” as required.The work case of “Double reduction” in our district, “Promoting” Ordering meals to School to Enrich after-school Services “was selected as one of the first 10 typical cases of” double reduction “implemented by the Ministry of Education.Meanwhile, universities, research institutes, parent committees, public welfare organizations and other social forces have been mobilized to participate in after-school services.With the help of teacher mobility, break the barriers between school sections and schools, so that quality resources benefit more students.At the same time, our district has established the overall curriculum framework of “1+3+N” after-school service with the basic value pursuit of “Moral education, Cultivation and Quality supply”.Under this framework, we guide each school to design the curriculum content of “one case for one school” and “one policy for one school”, and implement the “upgraded version” after-school service to help students grow healthily and happily.Fifth, to consolidate educational force, cooperate with family, school and Community, optimize the growth environment of students from the regional level through the online classroom of the district parent school to push courses such as “National and Beijing ‘Double reduction’ policy Analysis”, “Family, school and Community to be a watchman of life”, and in-depth interpretation of the “double reduction” policy.At the school level, we will comprehensively strengthen home-school communication, and hold parents’ meetings and parents’ salons with the theme of standardizing school-running behavior and reducing students’ burden.Through “volunteer”, “parent lecture” and other ways, let parents into the campus, enhance parents’ understanding and support for “double reduction” work.At the same time, we are exploring an evaluation system for the integration of education, education and education with the guidance of school development and student growth, so as to guide the “double reduction” work in a more scientific and effective way.The key of “double reduction” lies in the school, and the success or failure lies in the principal and teachers.Xicheng District will continue to promote the development of “double reduction” in depth, and strive to make every child experience happiness in the comprehensive and healthy growth, to make every teacher develop in teaching and educating people, to make the general public satisfied with the results of education reform, and strive to make Xicheng education “warm”.Authors: Education Commission of Xicheng District, Beijing