300 billion capital injection to promote the rise of new energy vehicles, SAIC firmly in the top seat what is the secret?

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In recent years, with the booming development of new energy vehicles, electrification and intelligentization drive the industry reform, and the opportunities hidden in the industry boom have also received a lot of attention from capital, and a large amount of capital has poured into each subdivided industrial chain.According to Qichumcha data, there were 1,136 financing events in the field of new energy vehicles from 2012 to 2021.In 2021, the number of financing events in the field of new energy vehicles is the largest in the past year, totaling 239 cases and disclosing a total of 363.9 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 181.66% and a record high.Spring River warm duck Prophet, behind the enthusiasm of capital, new energy vehicles themselves maintain the momentum of rapid development.Among them, SAIC, the leading enterprise in China’s auto industry, is particularly outstanding. It not only leads the industry development with forward-looking new energy technology innovation, but also boosts the overall development of China’s new energy through investment enabling development.The key to the construction of market competitiveness lies in technological advantage.To grab the commanding heights of the new energy vehicles development, Shanghai automotive industry corporation has created nearly one thousand independent research and development team, become the first domestic implementation of “pure electric and plug-in electric, fuel cell” three abreast of technology route of automobile enterprises, and independent control of the core SanDian of batteries, electric drive, electric control technology, in the field of new energy vehicles built up his own technological advantage.Exclusive architecture at the same time, saic is speeding up its pure electric car, electric drive gearbox EDU G2 +, a new generation of “SanDian”, such as electric separation battery core parts development and industrial application, and have achieved breakthrough in the field of power batteries and fuel cells, advanced product technology level and the actual mileage than other car companies, reached the international first-class level.It is reported that during the 14th five-year period, SAIC will invest 300 billion yuan in the field of intelligent electric innovation, to speed up the pace of independent innovation.Aiming at the three key pain points of “safety anxiety, charging anxiety and economy” of electric vehicle users, SAIC officially put into operation a new generation of saic power battery system with zero heat out of control, high cost performance ratio, quick charging, quick replacement and upgradable, making a great contribution to promoting the popularity of electric vehicles.In the future, SAIC will make all-out efforts to tackle the serialized “three-electric system” with long endurance capacity, multi-energy gradient and multi-drive system, and strive to build a new generation of electric vehicle platform that can be upgraded, expanded and quickly replaced.Saic, meanwhile, also actively to ningde era, alibaba, horizon, qingshan industrial different fields such as industry giants, around new energy smart for joint research and development of the auto industry, promoting the healthy growth of the new energy automotive industry of upstream and downstream industry chain, for the industry development of new energy smart car inject new vitality.Thanks to the overall layout and technological breakthroughs, SAIC new energy vehicles have also achieved gratifying sales results in the market.According to saic’s February production and sales bulletin, SAIC sold more than 45,000 new energy vehicles, up 48.4% year on year, continuing to dominate the market.Saic’s new energy vehicles are widely trusted and recognized by consumers. Meanwhile, its rich choice of models also meets the diversified car buying needs of many consumers and becomes the leader of new energy development.The popularity of new energy vehicles is bound to bring more fierce market competition. If you want to remain invincible in the field of new energy vehicles, you must be like SAIC, with keen industry insight, accurate industry layout, and master core technology.I believe that under the continuous stimulation of capital and technology, there will be more excellent enterprises like SAIC in Chinese automobile enterprises, bringing the development of new energy vehicles into the rhythm of China!