Absolutely!Kunyi Middle School xishan school students hand-painted 17 meters “only this green” long scroll

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This year’s New Year’s Eve, the dance “Only this green” on the Spring Festival Gala stage, with the beauty of dance to lead the audience into the modern meaning of the Chinese aesthetic palace.This is the Only Green dance drama, in fact, 2021 “hard to get a vote” of the year hit.Through the narrative structure of interlacing time and space, the audience can cross the time and space and walk into the heart of Wang Ximeng, a painter of the Northern Song Dynasty, and show the twists and turns of his lifelong passion for painting a Panorama of Rivers and Mountains.In Kunming, students from the Xishan School of Kunming-No.1 Middle School also painted a long scroll of green “A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains”.Thirty-one children drew the seven-day and 17-meter green “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains”, which was completed in 2020 by 31 grade two students of Xishan School of Kunyi Middle School in one week.At that time, the group of children learning landscape painting, only two months.”We were preparing to paint a batch of works to celebrate the National Day, so I came up with the idea of the class to draw a picture of A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains,” said Li Haiyan, an art teacher at Xishan School of Kun-1 Middle School.The child who participated in drawing this painting was a student of the Chinese painting class of grade two.Many children do not have the foundation of painting when they enter school in junior one, we will start from the most basic learning.From gou, cun, dian, dye, to PI ma Cun, Jie Suo Cun, Mi Dian Cun, Zhe dai Cun, and then learn to paint mountains, stones, and trees.In order to let the children have a deeper understanding of the beauty of traditional art, Li Haiyan taught “A Map of Thousands of Rivers and Mountains” and took them to watch the related program “National Treasure”.Lee hae-eun said, At that time, the children were shocked by the long roll and the green color.To feel the heart of the United States chest hidden pen and ink huairugu, abdominal poetry gas from China.Li Haiyan said: “Our beauty is great beauty, need time to precipitation, heart to feel!Chinese traditional culture and art are extensive and profound. It is a historical responsibility and even a glorious mission to inherit the wisdom of our ancestors, spread Chinese civilization and establish cultural confidence.As an art teacher graduated from Chinese painting, I am duty-bound.Maybe they won’t understand it now, but they will benefit from it in the future!”Now, Li Haiyan is preparing to guide the students to create a group of “Thousands of miles of Rivers and Mountains of Colorful Yunnan” long volume, let the students use Chinese painting techniques to express the beauty of their hometown.”We have many more materials,” she said. “Yunnan’s beautiful mountains and rivers, animals and plants could all be included in children’s pictures.”Flip the screen and turn the phone 90 degrees to see “Only this green picture of a Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains”.Source: Kunming Information Port NBSP;Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com