An important piece of the luxury brand Mazda 6 Attez

2022-06-03 0 By

As a Japanese brand, Mazda has been in a small transparent position in the big circle of Japanese cars in the past two years, which is very fatal for a car company.The reason is very simple, because the time now, new and old car companies are in a new track to fight all their own, this new track is called new energy.In the past two years, Mazda has not produced new products, and there are many products that have been launched “old” phenomenon, for this phenomenon, Mazda basically chose to ignore.There are two possible explanations for this phenomenon. One is that Mazda is already preparing to dissolve the company, which is almost impossible.The second is that Mazda is most likely planning something very big.And so far, the plan has clearly taken shape, and Mazda has a good chance of making a successful assault on top luxury brands with this plan.The very big plans involve two Mazda technologies.The first technology is Skyactiv X compression combustion.The second technology is very innovative compared to the first, but for now it’s just news that the rotor engine may be really close.The rotor engine is not far away, but there will always be, but the Skyactiv X compression combustion technology has been applied to two Mazda models: the CX60 and the Mazda 6 Attez.Today we have a detailed interpretation of Mazda 6 Atz, let’s take a look at the Mazda after two years of silence to present to consumers what the work is really like.The new Mazda 6, based on the RWD rear-drive platform, will be unveiled in the first half of 2022, and we’ve got spot-on photos and illustrations of the Atz.It’s appearance is based on the Mazda VISION COUPE concept car, integral to our visual effect is very good, whole body is very smooth, the front is give us a feeling of shark mouth, adopted a longer chrome-plating decorations on the intake grille surrounded by one and a half, and the design of the headlight is interesting.The headlights are mounted on chrome trim that half-surrounds the intake grille, and the whole front has a downward trend that looks sporty.The rear of the car design and the front of the basic echo, especially the headlamp design and headlamp design style is very similar, double row double exhaust under the car is also more attractive.The biggest highlight of this car is its powertrain, a six-cylinder engine is really rare in a world where energy saving is being promoted, and it will include a 48-V light hybrid powertrain.It is worth mentioning that it will also launch plug-in models and pure electric versions.Summary paragraph 2008 of Mazda 6 in the heart of many consumer has been the title of king of a bend, but after years of change model, the title and no longer represent the Mazda 6, for Mazda silent for two years, have to say that the return to launch two models are more objective, is also up to the standard of the in the mind of the consumers.