East, west, north and south in the farmers singing, this Spring Festival gala let the national agricultural “cloud reunion”!

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The Spring Festival Gala for comprehensively Promoting Rural Revitalization was held in the Studio Of China Nongying No. 1. Farmers from all over the world gathered together singing and dancing to welcome the arrival of the New Year.The song “Spring Festival is Over”, sung by he Dong, a farmer singer from Shaanxi province who represents the west, kicked off the show.This evening party innovatively adopted the form of “cloud” communication and “cloud” interaction, and the heart to heart of the farmers across the country “cloud reunion”, to achieve the connection between the space.Sun Qixin, president of China Agricultural University and Chairman of the National Alliance of Rural Development Colleges and Universities, delivered a New Year’s speech at the “Cloud”.He said the NATIONAL Alliance of Universities for Rural Revitalization is a national alliance for agriculture and rural areas, as well as an alliance to serve farmers across the country.The aim of the alliance is to contribute to the strength of the University through training, think tank research, demonstration practice and industrial prosperity in rural revitalization.2021 is the first year of rural revitalization, and 2022 is a key year for implementing the rural revitalization strategy.On the occasion of ringing out the old year and ushering in the new, we took the high-speed train of rural revitalization and launched three magnificent pictures of rural revitalization: “Praising the Magnificent mountains and Rivers”, “Remembering the Extraordinary Years” and “Raising the heroic Spirit of rural revitalization”.The representative of the east, Shandong peasant singer Shanzhaomei, with a song “Yimeng Mountain Ditty”, reminds the audience of the red land, where yimeng Spirit is written across the ages.The northern representative, Heilongjiang farmer singer Wang Yan, sang “China in Lights”, and Xu Jinsuo and Wang Yan sang “Flame of Love”, lighting up the enthusiasm of the audience.Chen Weidong, a famous composer and a leader of China’s public welfare songs, has sung the song “Rural Revitalization” to express our passion for struggle and the momentum of a big country that farmers are the foundation of the country.Zhang Nianwu, a representative of the central part of China, who works in agriculture and finance, brought the song “Little White Poplar”. On the 22,800 km long border defense line of the motherland, countless soldiers guard the splendid China with clear love to pay tribute to all the PLA soldiers and armed police who guard the border of the motherland in the New Year.Zhang Yu, a researcher of biotechnology Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, brought the song “Motherland, I bless You forever”;Chen Lilu, from the Music College of Capital Normal University, sang “On the Field of Hope”, expressing the Chinese people’s struggle in this field for generations.Liu Liming, a teacher from the agricultural college of Shanxi Agricultural University, sang “Give Everything to the Party”, making us believe that under the leadership of the Party, we will be able to attack the city and pull out villages in the battlefield of rural revitalization.The evening ended with the famous composer Chen Weidong and all the cast singing golden Yearning together.The people of the whole country are working with one heart and one mind to create a beautiful picture of livable rural areas and prosperity for rural residents.The past year has been a truly extraordinary one. The Chinese people have risen to the challenge, overcome all difficulties and made tremendous achievements.· Comprehensively promote the Rural revitalization Spring Festival Gala, closely follow the theme of The Times, closely follow the social reality, close to the hot life.The whole show uses vivid, vivid and profound works of art to evoke the annual memory of people all over the country, connect with the resonance of The Times and arouse emotional resonance.In the spring breeze of the rain, moistening things quietly let the wonderful program directly to the people, showing the depth of thought, emotional temperature and a new height of art.The party was co-sponsored by Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group Co.,Ltd and The National Alliance of Rural Revitalization Universities. It was strongly supported by more than 100 influential central media, portal websites and network media in China, and was reported by China Learning Power, People’s Daily, Chinanews.com, Chinanews.com, Chinanews.com and other media.Live broadcast simultaneously on 18+ platforms such as CCTV, CCTV News, Xinhua News Agency, Kuaishou, RURAL Vision, Baidu, Toutiao, Tiktok, Video China, Sina News, Sina Weibo, Shock News, wechat Video number, the total viewing amount of the whole network exceeded 11 million people!Reporter | li jie whose | shangguan wang qiang