One loss after another, five out of six!The Warriors are about to fall out of the top four in the West and can’t win without Curry?

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In less than half a month, the NBA will turn the page on the regular season and start the playoffs.Under the current NBA rules, the top six teams in the division qualify for the playoffs, so with the current record of the Warriors, they are almost guaranteed to make the playoffs.But the Warriors lost again today in their regular-season game against the Washington Wizards, 115-123.With the loss, the Warriors improved to 48-27 for third place in the Western Conference, four games behind the second-place Memphis Grizzlies.But now that the regular season is coming to a close, it’s almost impossible for the Warriors to finish second in the West before the end of the season, and all they can do is hold on to third.After all, the newly minted Fourth seed in the Western Conference, the Poison Mavericks, are just two wins away from the Warriors.But are the Warriors in good shape to hold on to the third seed in the West?The Warriors have won just one of their last six games, lost all five of their last five, and lost four of those five games to teams that finished under.500. That’s a worrisome sign.The Dallas Mavericks are 46-29 with less than half a month to go and have a legitimate shot at the third seed in the West, while Golden State hasn’t been particularly good, winning just once in the six games curry has been sidelined.It’s a measure of how much Curry’s absence has affected the Warriors, who just snapped a three-game losing streak and are now on a two-game losing streak.The Warriors, without Curry, felt like they were going to collapse rather than surge toward the end of the regular season.Given that the Warriors have seven regular-season games left, there’s a real possibility they could fall out of the top four and miss out on home-court advantage in the first round of the playoffs.The Warriors’ next opponents are tough: Grizzlies, SUNS, Jazz, Kings, Lakers, Spurs and Pelicans.With the exception of the Sacramento Kings, all the teams have a strong offensive desire and a good quality, and it’s no exaggeration to say that the Warriors have a devil’s schedule ahead of them.In curry’s absence, the Warriors haven’t played as well as they should, and he’s had a big impact on the team.In curry’s games this season, the Warriors are 45-19 with a winning percentage of 70.3 percent.The Warriors are 3-8 in games curry hasn’t played, with a 27.3 percent winning percentage.In other ways, the Warriors are struggling without Steph Curry, but they’re heading into the playoffs, and they’re not going to get far in the playoffs if they keep playing like this.