“Close-up 1+1” old army camp decorated with lanterns to welcome the New Year

2022-06-04 0 By

“The street lanterns are very beautiful, looking at the thriving, very festive.Every year the New Year, the community will hang red lanterns, you feel the thick flavor of the New Year.Because of the epidemic control, my children have not been home for two years. If they can come back this year, I will show them our thriving old barracks.”Resident Aunt Zhou said happily.New Year is approaching, in recent days, the old barracks street staff began to hang red lanterns, lights and other New Year ornaments in the main road, pedestrian street and other sections of the community.When night falls and the lights come on, the lights, large and small, gather together into a line, like two gorgeous ribbons, to the streets covered with a gorgeous “seven colorful clothes”.Jia, a resident, said, “These lanterns are so colorful that they add a lot of New Year atmosphere to the community.In the New Year, I hope my family is in good health!”The softest part of the city is the small streets, and the most touching moment is when the lights come on.Yizhanzhan lanterns lit up the corner of the street, lit up the city’s fireworks, more lit up the aspirations of people’s hearts.People who return late are no longer afraid of the dark night, with you is the joy and comfort of coming home, warm and strong New Year atmosphere to welcome everyone home.Source: Yingze Published By Li Lintang Hua