Foreign media: China urges the US to clarify and accept the inspection

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According to a report on the website of Lianhe Zaobao of Singapore on March 12, the United Nations Security Council on Thursday deliberated on the biosecurity of Ukraine.China’s u.n. ambassador zhang said that China attaches great importance to the biological security problem, has consistently advocated the complete prohibition and thorough destruction of biological weapons and chemical weapons included all the weapons of mass destruction, and resolutely opposes any country owned or used in any case research and development, biological and chemical weapons, urged countries not yet destroyed existing stockpiles as soon as possible to complete destruction.The purposes and objectives of the Biological Weapons Convention must be strictly observed.According to the report, Zhang stressed that biological weapons are weapons of mass destruction, and any information on biological military activities should be of great concern to the international community.China has noted with concern the relevant documents released by the Russian side.It is the obligation of all states parties to abide by the BWC, and the concerns raised by Russia should be properly addressed.China urges relevant parties to earnestly fulfill their obligations under the Convention, make comprehensive clarifications and accept multilateral verification.The World Health Organization has advised the Ukrainian government to destroy pathogens in laboratories to prevent the spread of the disease.China looks forward to more specific information.Under the current circumstances, it is important to ensure the safety of relevant laboratories for the sake of public health.Zhang added that the international community has long had serious concerns about the U.S. biological military activities, according to the report.The United States has 336 laboratories around the world, according to data submitted to the Conference of The Parties to the Biological Weapons Convention.The US always stands for openness and transparency.If the US believes that relevant information is false, it can release relevant evidence and make clarification so that the international community can judge it.Russia’s Sputnik news agency previously quoted the Russian Defense Ministry as reporting that there are 30 biological laboratories in Ukraine commissioned by the PENTAGON.Reports say the LABS may be involved in biological weapons manufacturing.According to reports, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that according to the data released by the US side, the US has 26 biological laboratories and other related facilities in Ukraine.The US Department of Defense has absolute control.All dangerous viruses in Ukraine must be stored in these laboratories.All research activities are led by the United States.No information can be disclosed without the permission of the US side.He called on the United States to release details as soon as possible, including what viruses are stored and what research has been carried out.Editor: Shi Wei Responsible Editor: Sun Xinqi Www.youtheme (Wwwyoutheme (WWwyoutheme (WWwyoutheme (wwwyoutheme (wwwyoutheme (wwwyoutheme)))If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.