Friends on their own efforts to buy a villa, tell me a truth: direction is more important than effort

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The author | Wesley (full network with, “Wesley said”) I have a friend, 28 years old this year, in the heart of the city there are many suites, you live in a single-family villas.You must think he is a tuhao, or a rich second generation, in fact, he is not, his parents are working class, he bought the house with the money earned by himself.When he was in college, he identified the real estate industry and thought that the housing price would rise, so he devoted a lot of attention to researching houses.At the beginning, the family had no money, so they borrowed money from relatives and friends, and then sold it two years later. In this way, they bought and sold houses and made millions.Having owned several houses while his peers scrambled to scrape together down-payments, he has now reached heights that no one in their 40s or 50s would dare to imagine.He wasn’t necessarily smarter or harder working than his peers, but he was in the right direction.We often say that direction is more important than hard work, the direction is the first, the right direction, hard work has become second.In our daily work life, such a phenomenon is very common, we make decisions all the time, some decisions can even affect our fate.Successful people understand that direction is more important than effort.American writer Gladwell mentioned the 10,000-hour rule in his book Outliers: No matter what you do, as long as you stick to spending 10,000 hours, you can basically become an expert in that field.Is that really the case?I used to believe that, too, but it seemed that no matter how hard YOU tried, you just couldn’t get where you wanted to go, and the people around me who worked hard every day weren’t living the lives they wanted.We seem to have used all our primordities, refusing to let go of every possible opportunity, but the more we do, the worse the result.It’s only recently that I’ve realized gladwell’s 10,000-hour rule has a premise: before you do anything, make sure it’s in your direction.Simply put, choose your direction first and then put in 10,000 hours of effort.It’s like if you’re in Shanghai and you want to go to Beijing, you should go north, but you drive south. It’s funny, but it’s obvious.In the opposite direction, it will only get further and further away from the destination.We are faced with many choices in life, and many crucial choices will determine the direction of our life in the future. Seemingly simple choices can change our destiny.Some time ago, an IT developer friend of mine transferred to a new position in new media operations. This is his fifth year in software development.All his friends who knew him were deeply surprised. After all, these were two unrelated industries, and his transfer now meant that he had cleared all his previous work experience and started all over again.So I went to talk with him, and I learned that he felt that his current job had reached a bottleneck, and it was difficult to break through in his work.Friends who are familiar with software development should know that software development is a particularly brain-burning and overtime industry, and my friend has been engaged in development work for five years, now when he reaches his age, his physical strength is obviously not as good as that of young people.That’s why he thought of changing jobs.In addition, he also wrote some technical blogs and articles on public accounts before, and accumulated a certain number of fans on the Internet, so he turned to the new media industry.Recently I saw his friend circle, I know that the new job pressure is not small, but the data sent every time is not bad, I hope he does not regret his choice.If you have a choice, you can take the time to try. It is more important to choose a direction you like than to work hard on the direction you don’t like.03 — If you set the right direction, you will eventually reach your destination. If you set the right direction, you will reach your destination no matter how long your journey.In the enterprise, as long as the direction is right, no matter how hard the process of entrepreneurship, there is a successful day.Many things in life require direction.For example: life planning, career projects, future partners, learning skills, career creation, personnel selection…There is no place where direction is not necessary.There is no place where direction is not needed.Only determine the direction of the good, then again difficult business, will succeed;Again hard suffering, will become the past;Again muddy road, can come to an end.Li Jiaqi before becoming a network red anchor, is a skin care shop guide, monthly salary of 3,000, and become a network red, a year’s income is calculated by hundreds of millions.Anchor market is open to everyone, the opportunity for everyone is equal, why did not other people to do anchor, and Li Jiaqi why do it?It is because Li Jiaqi more acute than we smell the market opportunity, seized the draught, under the support of unremitting efforts, just have today’s achievements.And other guides, even if the opportunity is placed in front of them, they may not understand, worry and fear factors and give up.Therefore, direction is more important than effort. After confirming the direction, the rest is up to time, and the final destination will be reached.Please like, comment and follow us