Glory of Beijing Winter Olympics ice City | Activating ice and snow genes to fuel teenagers’ “ice and snow Dream”

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The success of the Chinese Olympic team in the Beijing Winter Olympics has been widely reported. The wonderful performances of ren Ziwei, Zhang Yuting, Han Cong, Sui Wenjing and other homegrown athletes in the ice City attracted much attention.In this city, “the crown of snow and ice”, “snow and ice” has been included in the curriculum of primary and secondary schools, and snow and ice homework has become a “compulsory” option. The coverage of snow and ice classes in primary and secondary schools in the city has reached 100%.”Millions of Young People on Ice and Snow” series activities have been carried out for 42 years. Classroom teaching and extracurricular activities are combined, such as ice and snow activities, ice and snow sports events, and ice scenery and snow sculpture on campus.Harbin uses ice and snow sports to cultivate morality and promote students’ good will quality.To ice and snow sports fitness, promote the formation of students strong body;Ice and snow sports promote wisdom, promote students’ cultural literacy, activate ice and snow genes, help ignite teenagers’ “ice and snow dream”, lay a foundation for cultivating high-level ice and snow sports talents, tap infinite potential and create more miracles.Ren Ziwei won the gold medal in men’s 1,000m short track speed skating after winning the mixed relay at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb 7.Back to January 22, Hu Junxi, Yang Aolin, Zhao Yingran and other young athletes won the gold MEDALS of 500 meters and 1,000 meters in the junior and senior short track speed skating groups of the 4th Heilongjiang Province Student Winter Games, once again defending Harbin short track speed skating’s leading position in Longjiang.More welcome is to develop the speed skating world champion zhang hong campus of Harbin ice and snow sports, and the birth of Zhao Ying ran the 2019 Asian cup short-track speed skating open 500 meters champion counterpart, and these achievements benefit from Harbin city bureau of education focus on “the church, practice, often the” concept of ice and snow sports development of campus,And the “five extensions” from urban areas to rural areas, from classes to extracurricular activities, from ice events to snow events, from traditional events to fun activities, from one season of ice and snow to four seasons of ice and snow.Qingbin Primary School, ren Ziwei’s Alma mater, is a state-level snow and ice school with 46 years of snow and ice culture.Gu Zimeng, a member of qingbin Primary School’s speed skating team, was training at the speed skating gymnasium of heilongjiang Ice Training Base on the 14th day of the first lunar month. Gu is now in second grade and spends two hours on ice every day during winter vacation.Gu said that when she was in first grade, the school arranged all students to take the required school-based sports courses roller skating and land imitation, and then had ice training from mid-to-late November to the end of the semester. It was such a wave of teaching that made her fall in love with skating.Through this training mode, Qingbin Primary School ensures that all students can train on ice for 90 minutes for 6 times every winter, and finds the plastic talent to be recruited into the school speed skating team, forming the echelon construction mode of sustainable development of school speed skating.The reporter learned from Qingbin Primary School that the skating assessment of the school adopts the “five-star standard”, and those who pass the “three-star standard” can basically meet the standard of the junior high school graduation skating exam, while most of the students in the third and fourth year of Qingbin Primary School can meet the three-star standard.After training, the students can also master high standard skating skills, such as skating 200 meters in a squat position in one minute, turning using the cross step method, and figure of eight stop method.For winter ice summer slide, “season” to “four seasons” new cross, ensure that students can be on the ice throughout the year and the normal affiliated primary school to take use of society to the nearest ice rink, let the students into the professional ice stadium, training activities, full experience on the ice and the ice broke seasonal, realize “the ice in the four seasons”, and do it in the ice and snow activity participation and + characteristics “lead”,And throughout the school’s education and teaching.Ha normal affiliated primary school headmaster wen-ling li told reporters that as a “traditional ice sports project demonstration base school”, “school in snow and ice project”, the school on the basis of the guarantee full on ice, also formed the ice characteristics of club activities, improve the campus of ice and snow sports level of the project, and the short track speed skating, figure skating, ice hockey, curling into society, ice and snowLet students use their spare time to participate in training.With the “good seedling” of primary school, Harbin middle school’s campus speed skating development is like a duck to water.The Middle school attached to Harbin Normal University, where Ren Ziwei and Zhang Yuting are studying, is one of the top key middle schools in the province. Since the 1980s, Harbin Normal University has put forward the teaching requirement that “every student who goes out of the attached middle school must learn to skate”.From 1990 started to explore humour specialty students professional skills and special cultural quality enhancement as the goal of junior high school classes, and established the has 30 years of history, normal university affiliated high school of speed skating team, schools have been set “pay attention to the popularity of the ice activities and improve” as a key school teaching, and students in junior high school year recruitment of specialty,With the teaching mode of combination of education and physical education, the school has cultivated a large number of professional reserve talents for the national and all levels of higher education, and Ren Ziwei, Zhang Yuting and other Olympic champions are outstanding graduates of the school.New virgin territory to endeavor to promote development of ice hockey programs campus of ice and snow sports popular in primary sections the first daoli district ice hockey match, for the first time in 2022 in heilongjiang province of the fourth student winter games the team winning, benefit from the Harbin city government in 2019 hockey hockey special funds and school fund every year development project funding,Sui Chenglong, the sports leader of Qunli Experimental Primary School, used the special fund for the development of ice hockey to pay for renting venues and coaches, and led the first and second grade players to and from Qunli and Xiangfang for ice training every weekend, so that they shouldered the responsibility of the development of Qunshi ice hockey team.Sui Chenglong told reporters that qunshi campus ice hockey team from the original only 13 people to now 50 people, has developed to two echelon teams, one is composed of four, five grade students mature echelon team, can participate in professional competitions;The other is a reserve team composed of freshmen, sophomores and juniors, which focuses on the development of hockey talent and the delivery of potential players.When the school opens this spring, qunli Experimental Primary School plans to incorporate ice hockey lessons into after-school services and guide more children to learn about and join the “ambitious” sport.The reporter learned that in 2019, Harbin municipal government invested 30 million yuan to set up 120 primary and secondary school ice hockey teams, and through the “ice hockey +” project to guide the majority of primary and secondary school students to participate in ice sports.Meanwhile, featured with snow and ice city bureau of education in primary and secondary schools in the city schools, basis points, the traditional project schools, “two” (a small ice hockey team, a small speed skating team) and the Charles b. wang hockey school to lead the hope project, optimize layout, key in nangang, collection, daoli district, daowai district school hockey system construction of the project.To promote teaching strengthen curling leader advantage of primary and secondary schools in the goal of three hundred million drive on snow and ice and snow and ice on the activities of the double blessing millions of teenagers, the primary and middle schools in Harbin city existing ice hockey team, speed skating team, figure skating, short track speed skating team, team, team ski team and other teams, 910, after school and training team of more than 13350.In the just concluded heilongjiang province 4th Student Winter Sports Meeting, Hashi Primary School will try its best to win all the champions in male and female groups of junior and senior high schools.As the national school with snow and ice characteristics and the only school in The province that “integrates sports and education with Youth snow and ice Sports Experimental Base”, Tieling Primary School insists on building a snow and ice campus, activating snow and ice genes and offering characteristic courses.In September 2015, class 5, Grade 5 of Tieling Primary School had a packed curling experience class, which introduced the elegant sport “curling” to children.In the early stage of curling, it mainly focuses on the senior school year, and explains the rules of curling in physical education class once a week, and carries out dry curling teaching.With the establishment of the curling association, more and more Tieling children of all grades volunteered to participate in the activities, and selected members of the association to form the Campus curling team of Tieling. The school scientifically constructed the athletes’ team of high, middle and low school years, and organized the campus curling competition to form a strong atmosphere of ice and snow sports in the campus.For four consecutive years from 2017, tieling Primary School men’s curling team has won the champion of primary school men’s group for four consecutive times in the city primary and secondary school students curling competition.In the 2020-2021 academic year Harbin and Nangang district curling competition, two women’s curling teams of Tieling Primary School won the first and second place.On the contrary, Baoguo No.1 School, tieling Primary School’s “old rival” in curling, also attaches great importance to the development of curling. It implements “three changes and one daily routine” in children’s playing ice and snow, and leads the benign development of ice and snow sports on campus.Gao Weihua, a sports teacher at a baoguo school, said that with the help of community guidance and after-school special classes, the curling team at a baoguo school now has four teams with 32 men and 32 women each.Through exploration, Baoguo No.1 School has now realized a new training mode integrating sports and education, that is, the school is responsible for selecting excellent athletes, pingfang Sports School funds, and Aoyu Curling Training Center provides venue coaches, and the curling team trains twice a week in the form of a team, and finds and transfers excellent children.With the wide selection of primary school materials and the guarantee of echelon construction, the development of curling in Harbin high school campus has also achieved the “Tiantuan model”.As the Olympic education demonstration school for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, Ha No. 9 Middle School has trained more than 30 curling talents by August 2021.We have cultivated 4 first-class national athletes and more than 10 second-class national athletes.One member was sent to the national youth curling team, and many of them were admitted to hit University of Technology, Beijing Sport University and other famous universities for further study through the curling program of high-level sports teams in universities.Shen Dejun, coach of curling team of Harbin No. 9 Middle School, said that the school has included the enrollment of curling talents into the school enrollment plan since 2016, which has effectively opened up and driven the continuous development channel of the city’s junior high school and primary school curling program, and provided a development platform for more excellent students.The Curling team of Harbin No. 9 Middle School has not only won the champion of men’s and women’s curling games in Harbin for many years, but also won the champion of men’s and women’s curling games in Heilongjiang Province recently.Ice skating, curling, pull plow, pull snow circle, ice pumping 尜, snowfield football, ice bowling…In winter, if you walk into Harbin primary and secondary schools during recess, lunch break or PE class, you will see children playing ice and snow happily.Starting from the activity of ice and snow for millions of teenagers, Jihong Primary School has incorporated ice and snow sports into the school development plan and annual work plan, and carries out campus ice and snow sports in stages and steps every year.Jihong Primary School carries out campus ice and snow sports with “interest +”, allowing students to walk out of the classroom and into the ice and snow park. It is the representative school in Harbin city that participates in all winter sports for primary and middle school students, such as curling, ice hockey, short track speed skating, speed skating and skiing.Following Sun Xin red elementary school principal, told reporters that each year winter school regulations, all students at least 1-2 ice lessons per week, in addition to pull sledge, curling, ice skating, ice class event, also organize the student to the skating center, curling pavilion and ski resorts take on ice, view curling and skiing experience activity, and introduce the roller skating, ice hockey and other after-school interest in service organizations,We attract interested and talented students to participate in the training, and regularly invite outstanding athletes to guide the training on campus.After popularization, every year, students of all grades in Jihong Primary School participate in ice hockey, curling, skating and other sports, and then according to the principle of selecting the best from the students to join the team, the echelon team training construction.Over the years, Harbin Municipal Party Committee and Government have attached great importance to school ice and snow sports, continuously supporting funds and vigorously promoting youth ice and snow sports.By 2021, there were 522 primary and secondary schools offering snow and ice courses in Harbin, and the number of campus ice rink and campus ski resort increased by 6.4% year on year.There are 826 ice and snow sports teams, 113 ice and snow clubs and 224 interest groups.Looking ahead to a longer Olympic cycle, after the introduction of the double reduction policy, the state immediately launched the double increase policy, and increased the opportunities for students to participate in sports, art, sports, and expand the learning space of students in sports, music, art and other disciplines.With “respectively” promote “ShuangJian” fall to the ground, looking forward to more of Harbin city elementary and middle schools at the same time of laying solid foundation campus of ice and snow sports, the drive “three hundred million people involved in the snow and ice movement” and implement “snow and ice on millions of teenagers” activities, primary and middle school students’ all-round, multilevel pattern of snow and ice on the activity, and guided by the basic task of khalid ents,Let the education ecology of “five education simultaneously” breed more Olympic stars from campus ice and snow sports, such as Ren Ziwei and Zhang Yuting, who make Chinese people proud.Source: Harbin News Network reporter: Zheng Wei, Yang Mo, Zhang Wei, Zhou Xueli/Zheng Wei, Editor: Liu Yixuan