Here’s a quick guide to New Balance’s top 8 running shoes to buy

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Today, share 8 pairs of New Balance running shoes worth buying. If you don’t know how to buy New Balance running shoes, follow me.Share more running shoes for you.Is this your impression of New Balance?Belong to the kind of cool and fashionable style, but also according to its style to match a lot of clothes, indeed their family’s leisure sports series seems to be more popular in China, many wear bloggers will share.New Balance was founded in 1906 in Boston, The United States. It is also one of the four running shoe brands in the world. It also has the title of presidential running shoe, known as the king of running shoes.Check out my top 8 running shoes today!New Balance 880 V10 ▲ Ideal for daily running, the 880 series is a fully functional running shoe with a soft and breathable lowknit uppers that fit well.Cushion-foam technology, cushion-shock protection, bring light and soft foot feeling, with firm grip on a variety of ground.The opening and closing mode of lacing can adjust the tightness freely.The side of the shoe is decorated with brand logo to enhance the texture and increase the aesthetic degree.2. New Balance 860 V10 ▲ The second best stability running shoe, The New Balance 860 V10 is the most stable New Balance shoe, TRUFUSE midsole, with a rugged EVA version, for greater cushioning, suitable for landing position inside spin runners.Honeycomb outsole for increased wear resistance.You can try if you like.3. New Balance 1080 V10 ▲ These are the best balanced running shoes ever. They are softer, lighter, lighter and more responsive than previous versions.More and fit, comfortable support.The upper adopts D2D engineering mesh, which can be extended and locked by region with more data.Embellish in vamp air hole, keep comfortable, fresh and breathable.Wear resistant rubber outsole for higher stability.Those who like the soft feeling of the ground must try these running shoes.4. New Balance Hierro V5 ▲ This is the best for trail running, new Balance Hierro V5 soft FRESH FOAM middle sole and rugged VIBRAM outsole.The TPU on the upper provides additional protection.This is also an excellent model in terms of appearance level, with a good performance on slippery surfaces and a strong and breathable mesh design.Suitable for southern autumn and winter season wear, daily running is no problem.5. New Balance 1500▲ Arguably the best racing shoe, the New Balance 1500 has always been one of the best, mainly because of its light weight and stability, also using the FANTOMFIT seamless upper,REVLITE lightweight midsole, plus TBEAM midfoot support, ideal as a training racing shoe.Make it more comfortable to wear.Easy to wear and take off, flexible and leisure.Soft fit to the sole, comfortable and flexible feet.6. New Balance Fuelcell▲ New Balance Fuelcell is a pair of lightweight running shoes, mainly suitable for the pursuit of speed to wear, this pair of shoes is a huge innovation in new Balance midsole material, is a relatively new running shoe series, vamp integral design,The shoe opening also uses the leg cover style structure, the appearance level is really good.7. New Balance 890▲ These are New Balance’s sub-top running shoes.According to the official data, the weight is 255 grams, much lighter than Fuelcell. The midsole adopts a large REVLITE midsole, which has a light weight but excellent cushiening effect.Comfortable and labor-saving, the same color lace is simple and generous, rich bottom flower texture to ensure the effect of grasping.8. New Balance Zante▲ Lightweight cushioning running shoes, Zante series has always been a popular pair of shoes in the FRESH FOAM series. First, the upper adopts HYPOSKIN vamp, which also becomes more fitting.An American sportswear brand founded by William Riley in Boston, USA in 1906.At first, it sells arch support and corrective shoes. Now, its products include professional sports shoes, retro casual shoes, professional sports clothing, etc. The main series include NBx series high-end professional running shoes, Fresh Foam series cushioning running shoes, VAZEE series lightweight running shoes, 99X series made in Britain and America, etc.Which shoes will you choose? Let us know in the comments!