In 2021, Great Wall Motor “smart” circle

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The competition rules of intelligent track have been rewritten, pushing the automobile market into a new stage of development.First, after several years of cultivation and accumulation in the market, low-level intelligence has been popularized, and upgrading will become the main theme. In the future, intelligent functions will focus on user experience and differentiation.It’s not just about who has better features, it’s about who has faster features.Second, global automobile companies have started the strategic transformation of intelligent network connection. With the intelligent upgrade, the competition in the next stage will not only be a single ability of automobile companies, but the comprehensive strength of software and hardware technology from the bottom to the top.This means that the current technology layout and control ability of car companies will directly determine how fast and how far they can go on the intelligent track in the future.In 2021, Great Wall Motor took the lead in “going out of the loop” with excellent intelligent achievements, initially showing its comprehensive strength in intelligent track.The next 2-3 years will be a critical window for the reshaping of the automobile industry. The gap will soon open and the Matthew effect will become increasingly prominent.I. In 2021, “intelligent” lap acceleration and upgrade of Great Wall Motor are two key words on intelligent racetrack in 2021.Not long ago, gaOGi Intelligent Vehicle Research Institute released 2021 ADAS data showed that from January to December last year, the number of forward ADAS (L0-L2) carried by new cars (joint venture + autonomous) was 8.078,900, an increase of 29.51% over the same period last year.Among them, the number of NEW L2 ADAS vehicles carrying risks was 3.9562 million, up 77.65% year-on-year.In addition, it is worth noting that the number of new cars carrying L2+ ADAS has risen rapidly to 1.6945 million.This means that low-level intelligent assisted driving systems are gradually popularized, while L2 level intelligent assisted driving will become the main market in the next few years, and L2+/L3 level intelligent assisted driving market will become the strategic heights for major brands to compete.It is worth noting that Chinese auto brands represented by Great Wall Motor have risen rapidly and become the main players in the field of intelligent driving.In the TOP10 list of 2021 pre-installed ADAS of Chinese intelligent vehicle brands released by gaigong intelligent vehicle research institute, Great Wall motor and geely automobile are two Chinese automobile brands on the list, and Great Wall motor ranks first among Chinese automobile brands.What needs to be mentioned in particular is that In L2 level ADAS load, Chinese auto brands show a strong momentum, Great Wall Motor, BYD, Geely Auto all entered the top 10 list, of which Great Wall Motor is only second to FAW Toyota and GAC Toyota, ranked the third, the number of risks far exceeded a number of joint venture brands.In 2021, Great Wall Motor has made remarkable performance on the intelligent track and has taken the lead in the “lap” with excellent intelligent achievements.In the past year, Great Wall motor released new electronic and electrical architecture, intelligent drive-by-wire chassis, the third generation of intelligent assisted driving computing platform IDC 3.0 and full-stack self-developed cockpit operating system GC-OS and other leading technological achievements.This means that Great Wall Motor has made a comprehensive layout for the next stage of development, showing a very strong comprehensive strength on the track of the hard strength of intelligent car companies.And this point, from the Great Wall automobile sales performance is also visible.Last year, Great Wall motor sold more than 1.28 million new cars, up 15.2% year on year, which not only set a new record in the enterprise’s history, but also achieved the achievement of selling more than one million cars for six consecutive years.The above is a direct reflection of the brand and model value growth brought by the intelligent transformation and upgrading of Great Wall Motor.2. Strong data acquisition capability is the key to winning the future. Intelligent driving is the core track.And this road, the Great Wall motor has taken the lead.Firstly, the self-developed domain controller and the full-stack algorithm based on it broke the “black box” delivery mode controlled by traditional Tier1, enabling Great Wall To quickly build its own intelligent driving core technology.At the beginning of 2021, THE FLAGSHIP SUV “Mocha” of Great Wall Motor Wei brand carrying IDC 1.0 was launched for mass production. Soon, the system was upgraded, focusing on solving pain points such as congestion in urban commuting scenes, and realizing high-level driving assistance functions on expressways and urban expressways.In The following June, Great Wall Launched the third generation of fully self-developed intelligent assisted driving computing platform IDC 3.0, which is a high computing platform for the new electronic and electrical architecture and high-level intelligent assisted driving system layout;At the end of December 2021, NOH Intelligent Pilot assistance driving system was officially launched, which is China’s first full-vehicle redundant INTELLIGENT driving at level L3 capability and one of the few L2+ intelligent assistance driving systems that have been mass-produced in the world.The fundamental reason for the rapid iteration of Great Wall motor’s self-developed intelligent auxiliary driving system lies in the large-scale data drive.As we all know, the scale deployment of intelligent driving system will be directly related to the scale of database accumulation, the speed and ability to solve the long tail problem and so on.In the view of the industry, each perception algorithm has its own strengths, but no matter how strong the algorithm is, it cannot make up for the shortcomings brought by insufficient data.An autonomous driving system based on a database of 100,000 vehicles is not going to be any better than an autonomous driving system based on a database of one million vehicles.Therefore, the current stage of data acquisition ability, is also seen as an important watershed in the battle for intelligent driving track.By December 2021, the total mileage of THE HWA high-speed driver assistance system used by Weipai Mocha users has exceeded 4 million kilometers in only half a year.It is expected that by the end of 2022, 34 Great Wall passenger models will be equipped with the intelligent driver assistance system, and the number of passenger vehicles is expected to exceed 1 million in the next two years.This will form the largest database of real road scenes in China, and is the core driving force for Great Wall Motor to continue to lead on the intelligent driving track.Next, its database and intelligent driving system will form a huge “flywheel” effect, which will quickly drive Great Wall to run on intelligent track.In the next 2-3 years, the competition rules of intelligent racetracks will undergo great changes.Intelligent competition will no longer be about the superposition of functions. Who can realize the iteration of functions at a faster speed and bring more differentiated and excellent user digital experience will directly determine the competitiveness level of brands and models.For example, in the aspect of high-order intelligent driving, in addition to the high-speed scene gradually to high-speed + urban road + low-speed parking scene of multiple scenes or even the full scene coverage, at the same time, the experience of intelligent driving is also required to be more humanized and comfortable;For example, in the field of intelligent cockpit, intelligent voice, HUD, OTA and other functions are more and more widely carried on the vehicle, and the functions of intelligent cockpit of various vehicle companies are increasingly similar. In the future, how to create scene-oriented and personalized experience with brand targets around users will become the focus of model competition.The essence of competition behind this is the ability of major car companies to master core technology, but also the all-round layout ability for various segments.This is because, in the next stage of competition, various intelligent functions will no longer exist singly, but become the main trend of integration, and various fields such as intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit will be upgraded cooperatively.The era of primary intelligence relying on external suppliers to achieve a single function is coming to an end. In fact, automotive enterprises are facing a comprehensive transformation from the underlying hardware and software architecture to the upper application.Great Wall Motor has created a comprehensive architecture system that can be intelligent evolution.In 2021, Great Wall Motor will realize the comprehensive upgrade of coffee Intelligence 2.0, including the new electronic and electrical architecture, intelligent cockpit, intelligent service and intelligent driving, as well as the intelligent drive-by-wire chassis, which is regarded as the cornerstone of autonomous driving. This marks that Great Wall Motor has officially stepped into cognitive intelligence from perception intelligence.In coffee intelligence intelligent system of the sustainable growth of wisdom, the wisdom drive-by-wire chassis a cornerstone smart cars, based on the research of IDC3.0 this strong shearing the smart car “brain” + since the research of intelligent software platform, at the same time of rapid intelligent driving system upgrade, also can realize intelligent cockpit and intelligent service to upgrade the whole vehicle intelligent fusion,It covers all the core technologies needed for smart travel in the future.The popular understanding is to make smart cars with “smart brains”, “agile bodies” and “all-round services around users”.This is the core competitiveness of software-defined automobile competition rules in the future, and also the biggest value space for automobile brands.At the 8th Science and Technology Festival of Great Wall Motor, the company announced that it would invest 100 billion yuan in r&d by 2025 to accelerate the transformation of global intelligent technology companies.So far, Great Wall has taken a substantial step forward.As one of the few global automotive companies that have achieved a comprehensive layout of online chassis control, new electronic and electrical architecture, large computing power computing platform, software architecture and even operating system, it has created a new benchmark of “strength players” on intelligent track.The comprehensive strength of this reform from the “bottom” cannot be underestimated, and the advantages of Great Wall Motor will soon be reflected in the intelligent track in the next stage.All the above will help Great Wall motor fast to the next “golden age”.