Seized hundreds of infringing “Bing Dwen Dwen” T-shirts Tianjin joint law enforcement protection of Olympic logo intellectual property rights

2022-06-04 0 By

Tianjin Market Supervision and comprehensive administrative law enforcement Team and Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau environmental Food medicine Team have taken special action to protect intellectual property rights for the Olympic symbols of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Tianjin.With the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, some infringement products also took the opportunity to flow into tianjin market.On February 16th afternoon in tianjin xiqing district king new bandung dike top MoPai big alley business center, tianjin market regulation and comprehensive administrative law enforcement team and tianjin municipal public security bureau annular eclipse in medicine to treat, municipal, district-level, grassroots (police station and market regulation) by police and a total of 37 administrative law enforcement personnel, to six merchants to carry out the inspection.Among them, law enforcement officers seized hundreds of t-shirts printed with “Ice Dun Dun” in 5 businesses, and at the same time in 2 businesses also seized suspected of infringing on the right to exclusive use of registered trademark brand clothing nearly 300 pieces.In the next step, the law enforcement team will closely combine the focus of ipr protection with the law enforcement and protection of the Olympic symbols, strengthen the linkage between multiple departments and urban areas, and closely link the execution, so as to “zero tolerance” for infringement of the INTELLECTUAL property rights of the Olympic symbols.