Visit Yang Yang’s mansion, home tidy, also too clean

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Director li Yang Yang in 2007 in a dream of red mansions as adult treasure jade and officially stepped into the entertainment industry, Yang Yang debut this more than ten years in too many outstanding works, as he drew a big Bob play powder, Yang Yang who has acted in nearly 30 of the film and television works, one’s kind relatively prolific artist in the entertainment circle, today let’s talk about Yang Yang’s house,Find out what type of decoration they will choose.Now whether male artists or female artist fitness is one of the compulsory course of their career, so most of the star will have a gym in the home, Yang Yang spacious home gym area, white metope besmear brushs emulsioni paint collocation woodiness floor log color, make whole space appears more relaxed and at ease, and his home gym with two big French window,To make the indoor lighting better, it is more comfortable to work out in such an environment. The large French window and brown log frame make the whole space look more hierarchical. Various fitness equipment are placed in the gym, so that he can also get a better fitness experience at home.Yang Yang his bedroom space is relatively capacious, bedroom metope choice with lemon yellow to besmear brushs emulsioni paint, let whole space collocation clean white big bed looks more luxurious atmosphere, big bed, respectively, on both sides put the ark of the head of a bed of a circular metal frame, above the head of a bed put a landline and post-it notes, convenient he record work schedule at any time,A wall lamp sits above each of the night tables to better adjust the lighting needs of the bedroom, and a gray fabric sofa sits at the end of the bed to check your work schedule.There is also a small balcony outside the bedroom, you can directly go to the balcony to see the scenery by pushing the glass sliding door, and you can enjoy the different city night scene at home at any time. In order to ensure the privacy of the room, I specially installed the thick champagne golden curtain in the bedroom.Yang Yang family restaurant area is relatively capacious, restaurant at the top of the installation of the wind mill make indoor ventilation is good, the metope of the restaurant area choose to use khaki woodiness dado for decoration, tie-in white marble tile floor makes whole space looks more concise and easy, spacious restaurant area also made a set of ambry,Ambry is put above a few commonly used small home appliance such as microwave oven, coffee machine, convenient and do some simple my own breakfast at ordinary times, put a group of spacious dining-room area marble table, can accommodate more than a dozen people have dinner together, so even if the common want to invite the staff or friends in for a visit and no problem at all.Yang Yang home toilet area is relatively large, the metope of toilet choose use Bai Seyan board materials to decorate, the ceramic tile of the ground let whole space collocation fastens with color looks more neat and clean, bathing and washing with a frosted glass sliding door between partition, such both neither can affect the daylighting of the whole area division and can achieve very good effect,The bath area is divided into a shower area and bath area, can meet the bath needs of different mood, wash area with white rock plate material to do a group of spacious wash platform, wash platform is also installed above a relatively large mirror, ordinary skin care or maintenance will be more convenient.Yang Yang in his locker room area is larger, cloakroom to choose metope besmear brushs emulsioni paint, gray collocation woodiness floor color makes whole space look more have administrative levels feeling, there was nothing in his closet put traditional big chest, choosing instead to do partition with more thick solid board, then we can organize some good clothes put on the plate,Also on metope installed a piece of a very large area and relatively thick solid wood, the solid board installed a lot of link above, convenient he deposited some can’t fold the clothes, the decoration is simple but it can hold clothing is relatively more, and can meet the demand of different clothing store, looking for clothes is relatively more convenient,You can see where the clothes you need are at a glance.