Which one is better, huawei Mate40 Pro or honor Magic3 Pro?

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Glory Magic3 Pro is very similar to Huawei Mate40 Pro, in fact, we all know that these two are made from the same mold, but the logo on the back and the color of the body is different. Of course, in 2020, Honor will be separated from Huawei, and huawei and Honor are competitors from now on,Magic3 Pro is also huawei’s last gift to glory, his son.Glory has a very capable “father”, so the starting point is very high, with huawei’s reputation back to the user’s line of sight, Huawei in 2021 for Glory is also to do their best, but the future of glory will really have to go on their own.Of course, whether it is Honor or Huawei, as long as it can provide users with reliable products, we will support, the choice is always in the hands of users, so about honor Magic3 Pro and Huawei Mate40 Pro these two mobile phones, we users should choose?My suggestion is more inclined to choose Honor Magic3 Pro. In addition to the price factor, Huawei Mate40 Pro is seriously short of supply due to the lack of Kirin 9000 chip. Even if the premium is not available, it may not be able to grab the premium.In addition, Magic UI itself is the same as The UI of Huawei mobile phone, but the bottom layer of the system is different, so the experience of using Honor mobile phone is almost the same as using Huawei mobile phone. Meanwhile, Honor Magic3 Pro also supports Huawei multi-screen collaboration and hyperterminal.Therefore, based on both price and supply factors, I recommend users to choose the Honor Magic3 Pro.So what are the main advantages of Glory Magic3 Pro compared with Huawei Mate40 Pro?I summarize the following points:Since the two phones use the same mold, their body, screen size and resolution should be the same. However, Honor Magic3 Pro is a product of 2021, while Huawei Mate40 Pro is only a product of 2020.So Magic3 Pro’s screen will be more advanced, such as the screen refresh rate, Magic3 Pro supports a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz, while Mate40 Pro only has a maximum refresh rate of 90Hz, in addition to the screen display color, the Glory Magic3 Pro’s screen is also better,Not only supports 1.07 billion color display, its DeltaE value is less than 0.8, indicating that its color restore degree is very high, reaching a very excellent professional display level, but also supports 1920Hz PWM high frequency dimming, while Huawei Mate40 Pro screen is much inferior, only supports 16.7 million colors, no 10bit display.There is no such good dimming ability, color reduction can only be acceptable.Second, Magic3 Pro rear camera configuration is more luxurious Huawei Mate40 Pro rear lens configuration is 50 million pixel super-sensitive main camera +20 million pixel movie lens +12 million pixel submersion telephoto lens, which is the most powerful is the main camera, not only has 1/1.28 inch outsole,It also supports the RYYB array, which has a better light uptake than most flagship phones on the market. The Mate40 series is also huawei’s last flagship phone so far to support leica image, which is obviously a rarity.But the rear lens configuration of The Honor Magic3 Pro is indeed more luxurious. It is composed of four lenses: 50 million pixels main camera +64 million pixels black and white +64 million pixels P50 +13 million pixels ultra wide Angle. Like the new generation Of Huawei P50, it supports multi-main camera fusion computing photography.This is more advanced than the Mate40 Pro, which didn’t have the concept in the industry in 2020. In terms of hardware configuration, the Honor Magic3 Pro features a 64 megapixel telephoto lens that supports up to 100x zoom (the Mate40 Pro only supports up to 50x zoom).The lens also supports OIS optical stabilization.The Huawei Mate40 Pro has a 4400mah battery compared to the Honor Magic3 Pro’s 4600mah battery, and while that’s not a huge 200 mah difference,Even for a variety of reasons, the battery life of Honor Magic3 Pro may not be as good as that of Huawei Mate40 Pro. For example, Magic3 Pro’s 120Hz screen and snapdragon 888Plus power consumption,It certainly consumes a bit more power per unit of time than the Mate40 Pro with a 90Hz screen and kirin 9000, but the Magic3 Pro does have a bigger battery, to be sure.In addition, the honor Magic3 Pro also has an X-axis motor for better gaming and typing than the huawei Mate40 Pro.So does huawei Mate40 Pro have any advantages over the honor Magic3 Pro?The answer is yes, otherwise it would be sorry to sell it at such a high price. In this regard, I also summarize the following points:As mentioned earlier, Huawei Mate40 Pro has a 50 megapixel uHD lens with a 1/1.28-inch outsole and RYYB array, while Honor Magic3 Pro has a 50 megapixel camera.But the lens isn’t necessarily as good as the Mate40 Pro’s, and it doesn’t have a 1/1.28-inch outsole, and even without the RYYB array, the Magic3 Pro’s main camera is worse in terms of light intake anyway.Second, after Mate40 Pro’s system is more smooth and glorious, the most regrettable thing for users is that they cannot inherit and use Huawei’s self-developed Hongmengsystem, otherwise many supply chain manufacturers will not cooperate with it. Therefore, although Magic3 Pro’s UI interface is the same as Huawei Mate40 Pro, the bottom layer of the system is still Android.Many evaluation institutions have shown that fluency is far better than android HongMeng system, can be directly comparable to apple’s iOS, but lacking ecological aspects, and my personal experience after feeling HongMeng system fluency and really talk, because once incredibly card huawei Nova4 since mount HongMeng system, use up and feel like new,Doesn’t that mean the Hongmeng system is superior?Mate40 Pro is also a hongmeng system.Magic3 Pro is equipped with snapdragon 888Plus processor, while Snapdragon 888 is known as Snapdragon 888 by users. Snapdragon 888Plus is no exception, especially in summer, it is easy to lower the frequency and lock frames.The Kirin 9000 is known as “Ice Kirin”, and Mate40 Pro just uses the “Ice Kirin” processor. Both are 5nm process, the difference is that Snapdragon 888 is manufactured by Samsung, and Kirin 9000 is manufactured by TSMC. The performance is similar, but the latter has better power consumption and heat control.Of course, the advantages of Mate40 Pro are far more than these. For the sake of space, I will not list them all. Although Mate40 Pro has its particularity, it is also a mobile phone worth buying, but for our users, it can meet our daily needs.I think the honor Magic3 Pro is very comprehensive, of course you can also choose a reliable quality used huawei Mate40 Pro.# glory magic#