A total of 15.166 million fake cigarettes were destroyed and disposed of in Xianyang

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Sunshine dispatch (reporter Xiao-kang zhao correspondent The horse twisted lili Wei Feng) in the “3.15” consumer rights day approaching, xianyang cigarette counterfeiting combat smuggling work leading group, in accordance with the law of the city’s nearly six years the seizure of counterfeit and shoddy, smuggling cigarettes and tobacco, tobacco, leather, rods, cigarette paper tobacco monopoly commodities such as environmental protection type burning destruction of disposal.Among them, there were more than 100 brands such as Zhonghua, Furong King, Lanzhou and Haomao, with a total of 15.166 million pieces and an illegal value of 21.68 million yuan.About “destruction of disposal, incineration power generation environmental protection type” xianyang cigarette counterfeiting combat smuggling work leading group, xianyang sea and environmental energy co., LTD., said “the 8 car a total of 38.74 tons of counterfeit cigarettes by burning power generation processing, than the traditional outdoor chapters in environmental protection, more can realize resource utilization and harmless, the quantitative processing,In the process, it is expected to generate 16,000 kilowatts of electricity.(KW.h), it is of great significance to promote the development of green circular economy and improve the level of ecological and environmental protection.”It is reported that during the “13th Five-Year Plan”, Under the correct leadership of Shaanxi Provincial Tobacco Monopoly Administration and Xianyang Municipal Party Committee and Government, with the full cooperation of the public, inspection, law enforcement and municipal post office, airport customs, market supervision bureau and other relevant law enforcement departments, Xianyang Tobacco Monopoly Administration strongly promoted the rectification and standardization of the city’s cigarette market.Solid implementation of “building mechanism, the plugging source, gangs, tube the market” the impact of combat smuggling general requirements, continuously consolidate and perfect effective play “the government leading, departments, joint, participating, closely together,” the impact of combat smuggling system, continue to increase the channels of the Internet and logistics delivering new stakeholders such as illegal crime crackdown, smoke cigarette counterfeiting combat smuggling work efficiency is very significant.A total of 13,023 illegal cases related to tobacco were uncovered in the city, and 43,583,600 cigarettes were seized with a nominal value of 44.115,700 yuan. Among them, 3,104 fake private cases, 15.544,600 fake private cigarettes with a nominal value of 23.941,600 yuan, 11 national standard network cases were solved and 88 people were sentenced.A historic breakthrough has been made in cracking down on counterfeiting and smuggling of cigarettes, with the tobacco market rate remaining above 98 percent.Among them, the “8.27” huge fake cigarette network case, the scene detected 115 brand specifications of illegal cigarettes 7.3 million, 12 crack down, arrested 61 suspects, 39 arrested, 41 sentenced, confirmed online transaction volume exceeded 1.2 billion yuan, was rated as shaanxi Province 2019 top ten typical cases against infringement and counterfeiting.It has been included in the cases supervised by the Ministry of Public Security and the State Administration of Tobacco Monopoly and rated as a special class network case;”5.17″ cigarette smuggling network case, a total of 47 people arrested involved, determined that the net transaction volume of 250 million yuan, is the largest cigarette smuggling case ever cracked in Xianyang city.In 2021, at the beginning of the “14th Five-year Plan”, the municipal and county tobacco departments jointly handled “12.12” and “6.03” cyber cases of NATIONAL standard, 6 people were arrested and 3 were approved for arrest in the “6.03” case, and the cyber case value was more than 1.2 million yuan.In the case of “December 12”, 17 people were arrested, 10 people were approved to be arrested, and 1.71 million counterfeit cigarettes were seized. The value of counterfeit cigarettes and articles was nearly 2 million yuan, and the online fund flow amounted to 12 million yuan.This year marks the 30th anniversary of the implementation of the Law on Tobacco Monopoly of the People’s Republic of China, as well as the first year of the promulgation of the newly revised Regulations on the Implementation of the Law on Tobacco Monopoly.Xianyang tobacco monopoly bureau (company) resolutely obey and serve the people health, financial income, cultivating brand, rural development and social needs of xianyang “five overall situation”, fully implement a good political, administrative, economic, and social responsibility, “four” brace, in accordance with the administrative regulations governing party construction team management, enterprise development benefit growth, return society “four responsibilities” service place,Will continue to cooperate with relevant law enforcement efforts, and give full play to “the government leading, departments, joint, participating and close collaboration” anti-counterfeit system of combat smuggling, continue to make “the dens, broken, broken network source, grasp the principal” as a key anti-counterfeiting, keep cigarettes anti-counterfeiting combat smuggling high-pressure situation, increasing of cigarette fake crime crackdown on private,Fast action to investigate and punish strictly a batch of major cases involving smoke, a batch of criminals involved smoke, heavy punishment firmly defending the dignity of the tobacco monopoly, to safeguard the order of the tobacco market, safeguarding national interests and consumer interests, build the city good cigarette business environment, to standardize the market order, the construction of the rule of law of xianyang, promote economic and social development of high quality to make new greater contributions!Editor: Li Yu