An afterword to Yizheng Canal

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National at the end of the year of the ox, the in this year, I made 38 party history lectures, wrote seven pavilion exhibition, editor, author, one thousand ancient participation from the yizheng nguyen corporation which poetry anthology, the dictionary of place names in jiangsu province, the standard name of jiangsu province “, “yangzhou historical places protection list” and “yangzhou imprinting of the grand canal place names” and other books,”Talk about the role of rent reduction and interest reduction in the construction of Yizheng Anti-japanese base” was included in the provincial seminar proceedings.Seizing the opportunity of unsealing the epidemic in Yangzhou, I had a happy trip to Inner Mongolia of Gansu province for 11 days, and then I tasted the packed lunch in Yizheng Old Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital for 14 days.The most happy is, “Yizheng Canal” 160,000 words also in the New Year’s Eve of the draft.Wu Chen and Dong Fei are here to greet you and wish you a happy Year of the Tiger!Come what you want!The following is “Yizheng Canal” postscript Yizheng Canal, visibility is low.In addition to a small number of professional researchers, a lot of people (even some of the leading cadres of this city) are not very understanding, often someone with doubt of the tone of the author said: “Yizheng also have canals”?The author on every possible occasion, spare no effort to promote yizheng canal corporation, but to little effect, watched the canal communist-held remains in the disappearance of the day by day, and feel helpless, is the most harrowing experience, in 2014 China’s grand canal apply for world cultural heritage list, success in yangzhou has 10 points and six river was selected, without a point is yizheng’s corporation.The only thing the author can do is to write the yizheng Canal of his cognition in the book.The author is interested in water conservancy and geography.When I was studying in the Physics Department of Su University, I once listened to the gezhouba lecture given by a teacher from East China Institute of Water Conservancy, who was fascinated by the lecture.After the opportunity to work through the gezhouba lock by boat;I have been to Dujiangyan twice.Visited the Laboratory of River Bed sand washing in the Yangtze River Basin Planning Office of the Ministry of Water Resources;When going out to travel to the bow bar ridge, Mira pass, bian du pass and other pass watershed special attention.Research history, the author thought that, not only to “had” from ancient books, but also to the field to find “where”, so I pay special attention to visit sites, basic around yizheng city streets and the villages and towns corporation for many years, yizheng surrounding corporation has also involved, wrote more than two hundred visits notes, ruins, described in the book are performance, have been to many times.Originally, the book was supposed to be written as a popular reading book about Yizheng Canal. Later, considering the low recognition of Yizheng Canal, in order to enhance the authority, we adopted the discussion way of paying equal attention to historical materials and remains, supplemented by summary, making the book a convenient reference book for the study of Yizheng Canal.One day, yizheng is expected to declare China’s historical and cultural city, the Grand Canal world cultural heritage, this book can play a little role.In records of Yangzhou Waterways, Huang Chengji said, “Geography is not difficult to textual research and write books. It is not difficult to textual research for a time, but it is difficult to determine the changes of ancient and modern geography, and waterways are especially difficult.Astronomy, human affairs, all the names, rate has a certain legacy, but the waterway changes, mixed with a hundred, during the rise and waste successively, was not visible, can not be analyzed.Ji gu, or ancient books first error;Experience today, then today at a loss.It is hard to say good things when you ask for verification.”The textual research on the waterway of Yizheng Yun River did face the problems mentioned by Huang Chengji, especially before the Tang Dynasty.On the basis of historical materials and remains, with reasonable analysis and repeated deliberation, the author tries to perfect his argument and restore the historical truth.Some inferential views for a speech, please give advice.Yizheng Canal, a part of the Grand Canal of China, is a very important entrance to the river. If the canal is a dragon, then Yizheng is the dominant leader. In the long river of history, the canal into the mouth of the River continues to sway and extend, which is the dragon swallowing the river and spitting out huai river;The weir dam locks at the mouth of the river are the sharpest tools for lowering dragons.Understanding the changes of waterways and the functions of DAMS and sluice gates, we can feel the determination and power of our ancestors to make use of nature and transform nature, marvel at the great wisdom of the Chinese nation, cultural confidence and national pride, and spontaneously arise.On New Year’s Eve (January 31, 2022), the shuimen site of Dongmen in Zhenzhou was built on the grand Canal in the Year of Baoqing Yuan (1225) in the Southern Song Dynasty. It is now a cultural relic protection unit in Jiangsu Province.