Anti-epidemic pioneer | heart owners li Wang to send vegetables warm people

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The current epidemic, in order to protect the people’s livelihood, to solve the urgent needs of the owners, a love vegetable bag relay race in Liwang.Liwang Business, Liwang Property, despite difficulties, work together to overcome difficulties, and strive to ensure the livelihood of liwang owners.Two teams, more than 30 people, overcome numerous difficulties, wearing protective clothing, independently complete unloading, disinfection, sorting, packaging, inspection and other work, to ensure that the value of dishes, quality is not reduced.In order to deliver healthy, safe and fresh vegetables to the owners of Liwang as soon as possible, even if the physical strength is exhausted and the risk of not being able to go home under strict control is taken!At present, the vegetables covering 10 parks of Liwang and 50000 kg have been distributed in place successively. The heavy and valuable vegetable bags delivered to the downstairs of the unit have been unanimously recognized by the owners of Liwang, and they have expressed their gratitude on the pictures.During this special period, in addition to the safe and fresh vegetables delivered to your door, you are also strong and vigorous care and responsibility. The needs of owners are our responsibility, and protecting people’s livelihood is our mission. Let’s work together to win the battle against the epidemic and wait for spring!# Liwang Real Estate # # Liwang · Kangcheng # # Changchun Epidemic # # Vegetable bag # Property grievances, owners’ dissatisfaction, the problem in the end from where?Changchun Leju specially planned “Anti-epidemic Pioneer” to pay attention to front-line property owners and protect the safety of owners.”Anti epidemic pioneer | who say standing in the light is hero”, as the voice of the property, tell you the bottom of my heart.Are you satisfied with the property services in your community during the pandemic?What are your suggestions for property service?Welcome to participate in the survey!Click to learn more about the article source: Leju House quality content recommendation
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Anti-epidemic pioneer | under the epidemic “acting children”, our dad our mom has my guard
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