China’s men’s soccer problem from the pay limit?Did Chinese football go off the rails again

2022-06-05 0 By

When guangzhou team salary limit news spread, stir the whole football circle.This is almost a subversion of the established order in football.Guangzhou team so do, nature also has its own reason.However, it is not clear whether this approach makes sense for China today.It would be better for us to analyze this problem.Our first concern is for the players.The decline of Chinese football today, countless people stand up to blame a certain player or a certain generation of players.But are the players really at fault?You know, if it’s a player, someone might need to take responsibility.The current situation is that the overall level of Chinese players is behind, this is not caused by someone not working hard in training.This is completely under the environment, Chinese football as a whole appear the problem.The players are also, in a way, victims.Their talents, too, are severely suppressed by the flaws of the system.It’s not that they don’t want to play better, it’s that we don’t provide enough training support.No one kicked out, this is our football talent training work has a big problem.Secondly, the high salaries of players nowadays are not obtained by dishonest means.On the contrary, some of the clubs that are now Shouting the loudest about wage restraint have brought it about.Originally, after The professionalization of Chinese football, the salary standard of players has been improved to some extent.But to this extent now, let us also feel more outrageous degree, is not some clubs to compete for talent to promote.To get talent, make an offer you can’t refuse.They compete for people, and they try to limit their pay through all kinds of means, and they don’t keep their promises.All this is originally a matter of integrity, but to make in the name of Chinese football, this is a bit inappropriate.There is news that there have been several clubs to the FOOTBALL association to put forward the salary limit.But hope the Chinese football association also want to think clearly.Labor law and relevant regulations protect the rights and interests of workers.There is a minimum wage.There are no restrictions on the highest standards.Even if the Chinese Football Association establishes the relevant salary standard, it cannot be against the law and the legally established labor contract.Thirdly, Chinese football is in crisis and needs all people in the football circle to work together to deal with it.Last year in the league, Guangzhou team was in an extremely difficult situation, but the players did not give up, they still insisted on training matches under difficult conditions.A lot of our players have problems with unpaid wages.But the strike because of unpaid wages did not happen, they have always had feelings for the club, has always stood firm.I believe that it is more in the interest of both parties to settle the salary in a negotiated way and face the future difficulties together.If unilateral force limits salary, be afraid won’t have too good result, more disadvantageous Future development of Chinese football!In the end, the problem with Chinese soccer isn’t that the players have a problem.Exactly what the problem is needs to be determined.Don’t push the player to the front every time something goes wrong.Players are also human beings, they can not decide the direction of Chinese football, but they decide the competitive level of Chinese football.Ignoring the interests and dignity of the players is not conducive to attracting more talents for Chinese football in the future.Because everyone will consider whether they will become a criminal of Chinese football in the future, although they can’t decide anything.The pictures in this article are from the copyright owner. Any website, newspaper, TV station, company, organization and individual shall not be used in part or in whole without the permission of the copyright owner.