Lights in rivers and lakes

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Chai Bridge middle school high two (1) class Zhao Ran home is what?Home is the other side of the soul habitat, is the home of wandering thoughts, is the weary birds to the forest, is the shallow fish.Home seamed into the thick stitches of the departing traveller, etched into Scarlett’s strong, thin figure, and made Anna Karenina cry out the fire burning in her heart.When we are tireless, a mountain, a water, gradually far away, suddenly found that we are visible in front of the world, behind is to go back to home.For young us, home is the place we want to escape.Sit in dining-room dim below the light shadow, listen to ear side chattering ceaseless scold sound, a pair of thin bamboo chopsticks are numbly clipped white get dazzling rice grain, machinery is repeating.The half-closed royal blue curtain could not resist the ink-like invasion of the night, and pressed down on one’s displeasure, almost ready to leave.The yellow dog at the door was black, but its eyes glowed green.Until everyone was tired of talking, I fell into a rare peace.Every time open the door, the young’s heart will surge up a wanderer’s desire, young bookshelf imperceptibly more than several “rivers and lakes”, to bury their own heart without refuge.Looking at “qingshan open and dangerous line”, they also want to do a not tied boat, drift with the flow, away from constraints and frames.The teenager looks at Yang Guo to roam the world, look at the figure of make fox rush the world of travel and be footloose, think hu Fei alone the heroic dry cloud that makes a move, again dim the 4 white wall in the home, only lose with anguish.The uninhibited freedom of the river’s lake turned into a challenge to the rules, a pursuit of those out of time, a laissez-faire own edge, a criticism and blame, and even ridicule and ridicule.Young gradually less laughter, but more disappointed and confused, it seems to be in the frame of the crack in the difficult to walk.In again and again hit the wall and disillusionment, young frustrated, turn head, but saw the lights in the home decrepit.Young eager to go home, eager to find that countless times appear in the dream of the river’s lake, eager to escape from the invisible depression.Young for the first time had the understanding of home, bosom friend lengnuanzun, to their tolerance.The boy understood the magic power of tara that Scarlett had always wanted to go back to. It could carry the boy’s temper, get rid of those rules and regulations, and have a broader space for the boy to pursue his dreams.Home seems to be a barrier that is never hard to break into, and the lamp that is always on tells of waiting and hope.Home brings us peace and joy as well as discipline our actions.Behind us, not always looking at the countryside of the love hand in vain a mass of cold fog, but zhu Ziqing’s father hands that the warmth of a few oranges.Although the rules of the home as tedious as the school, but the boy’s heart is like a fire, from time to time licking the walls.Parents had to discipline and teach again and again, they do not want the child lost, but had to again and again the young body excessive edge, only in this way, in order to establish a foothold in the complex society.Society is not a river’s lake, not a school, not a home.When they again and again refused to young, young will be pulled back to the “golden mean”, they are undoubtedly lost.Who does not want their children to be happy and pursue their own heart to live?But some wanton, not by the outside tolerance, some informality, will eventually be more brutal society.But they buried their losses quietly, the flowers in the garden bloomed again, the great yellow dog’s tail swished like a flower, and the birds chirped as if they were singing for the summer.The young man looked slowly into the world full of life and opportunity.That is the young heart of the river’s lake, is quiet as water life, is that a small home.The original river’s lake has always been in the side, not smoke demoiselle rain roll alone, not sword like a dream in a hurry to come and go, just an ordinary lamp, ordinary waiting, ordinary frustrated down and out, ordinary pain and constraints, ordinary that home.There has been a number of imprisoned pain, there are many unyielding adversity rebirth.This is home again and again to give the truth of the young.Yes, Sima Qian once in the “report ren an book” in the words: “King Wen ju and play” Zhouyi “, Zhong Nieh and make “Spring and Autumn”, Qu Yuan exile is fu “Li SAO”, left qiu blind have “National language”.Difficulties and hardships, Jade Yu Cheng, young finally clear, he cannot carry sword of 3 chi and break Lou LAN, he step by step stumbled forward, learn a little bit optimistic life, one inch one inch to grope for strong secret.Gave him courage and encouragement, gave him warmth and comfort, not he arbitrarily want to go to the distance, but a simple house, a pair of strong can contain all wanton arms, a dim lamp shadow, waiting for the return of the boy at any time.The boy finally understood that the big world that could be seen in front of him, after all, could not leave the home of the square inch of land, could not leave the yellowing light shadow, exhort by the ear.Moore says we traveled the world looking for what we wanted, came home, and found it.Home is Qu Yuan’s Zigui, dongting wave xi leaves, home is Kafka’s Prague, unreal and real, want to say rest.Home is the starting point, is the end, that ying Ying square inch of land, is the decrepit lights in rivers and lakes, waiting for the wanderer to turn back, for him to light up the direction of the way forward.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a wrong source or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: