More than half a century!Shi Xiu, 73, and Liu Songren, 72, and Michelle, 66, were still in high spirits

2022-06-05 0 By

Enthusiasm, 72, in 2020 by the Hong Kong media photographed walking to hold crutch, once that he was suspected stroke, but later michelle to clarify he just accidentally fell during the preparatory stage, lead to action inconvenience, since enthusiasm become seclusion, little, but he often meets with friends, bill chan in the IG drying out of the picture a few days ago, and wrote:”Happy reunion, brother Song, sister Snow, Maria”, the four rarely get together, and are still in high spirits!Enthusiasm and actually met bill chan, the snow has been more than half a century, although little enthusiasm in recent years to attend the public, but Michael hui and meters of snow is still active in front of the tent of meeting, they in TVB series last year in October fifth moonlight plays aunt seascape and Q, respectively, cooperation filming again recently, play in the play outside the tacit understanding.Although three people get together opportunity is not much, but did not feel alienated because of this, cherish this friendship.