Plain is true

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Plain I should not like to eat light, I was born to be very plain people, because in the study of “Yueyang Tower”, “not happy with things not sad”, I actually realized that kind of feeling.Or MAYBE I’ve given up fighting since I was a kid.I had a peak, too, pretend to be.In 2014, I joined a startup company with a bad corporate culture, but it was not lacking in pragmatism. The product design at that time could not be described as bad, it should be called: very bad.But it sold well. In the words of my boss, I don’t need to be of high quality to surpass those international brands, as long as I am better than my competitors at the same level. My success does not lie in how good I am, but that they are worse.I said: yes, the quality is the cost, but I can achieve the quality of international brands at the lowest cost, and have the ability to surpass the international brand this road is a must.With a third-rate team, towards the first class, I often run in the research and development – supplier – between factories, the company has a car, a silver convertible two-seater, SLK260, although is the entry-level sports car, but is also very smart, that time I have some long black hair, out of the car will be blown when stand up, like one very fine wire,Gray.The air quality in Shenzhen is not very good.At that time, Xiao Li was still in Shenzhen, and every month when I picked him up and took him back to Huizhou, he would get carsick. Maybe the seat was too hard, or the engine was too responsive when stepping on the accelerator, so he accelerated quickly. In fact, there was no benefit except faster.When I got it, it was just over 7,000 miles. I had already given up over 15,000 miles.That’s a lot more than I drive in a year now.As I drove my own car later, Xiao Li asked me: Where’s our sports car?I said, “The car is just a vehicle to get us to another place. It’s too small for people with no children, and we don’t have any money for gas.”