Shanghai issues first directive on family Education

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People’s Daily online Shanghai February 15 (Jane wang Qian Yuwen) in January 2022, changning district procuratorate to support the prosecution together through conciliation case to track the change of parental supervision, father wang mou a lost touch, concerned about the teenage daughter small elim, idle to fulfill their duties of guardianship and hence to the court shall be ordered to accept guidance for family education proposals.Finally, the court adopted the procuratorial organ’s suggestion, issued to Wang mou “family education guidance order”.This is since January 1 this year “family education promotion law” since the implementation, Shanghai’s first “family education guidance order”.At the end of April 2020, the cloud platform of the Juvenile Procurator Social Service Center of Changning District Procuratorate received a report from the school that xiao Lin (13 years old), a student of the school, had been subjected to corporal punishment by her father.Through investigation discovery, after Wang mou divorces, daughter xiao Lin follows its common life.Wang repeatedly punished her daughter during her upbringing, and prevented her from attending online classes for days on end, and refused the homeroom teacher to visit her.The mother, surnamed Li, was so excited that she tried to take her daughter away by force.Changning District procuratorate joint related units, actively channelling Li mou’s mood, patient interpretation of reasoning, and joint area police station, after fully listening to the daughter xiaolin’s opinion, xiaolin transferred to Li Mou.In June 2021, Changning District Procuratorate supported Li mou to file a lawsuit to change Xiaolin’s custody right, and issued a supporting indictment to the court.Under the active participation of the prosecution, Li Mou and Wang Mou reached a mediation agreement: daughter Xiaolin with mother Li Mou common life, father Wang Mou monthly pay alimony, minimize the adverse impact of civil litigation on minors.In late July 2021, Xiao Lin told prosecutors that her father never contacted her and did not say hello when he saw her on the road.Prosecutors found Wang mou to understand the situation, Wang mou said her daughter was instigated by her mother, resulting in the deterioration of parent-child relations, he is not willing to continue to fulfill the obligation to raise.In this regard, the Changning District Procuratorate to Wang mou made and issued “supervision supervision order”, and admonish its still need to bear the child’s upbringing, education, protection obligations, urge it to pay maintenance on time and regular emotional communication with her daughter.Prosecutors find the mother Li mou, hope she attaches importance to the child’s emotional needs for parent-child relationship, wang Mou contact, visit daughter to provide convenient conditions.In early January 2022, the contractor prosecutor learned in a return visit investigation that although Wang could pay the maintenance fee on time, he never took the initiative to communicate with his daughter, never cared about her life and study, and even did not reply to messages when her daughter took the initiative to contact., changning district people’s procuratorate shall be issued to the district court ordered to accept guidance for family education proposals, recommendations to wang mou a court issued the family education guidance to supervise and urge its in accordance with the law to perform the conciliation agreement at the same time, the right to exercise for her daughter’s visitation, take the initiative to improve communication and emotional communication with her daughter, care about, pay attention to her daughter’s life and health of body and mind study.Wang mou promised to take the initiative to improve communication with his daughter in accordance with the requirements of the guidance order, and truly assume the duties of a good father.In order to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of minors, Changning District Procuratorate filed a file on Wang mou with compulsory family education guidance, and entrusted the family care station to supervise and evaluate his acceptance of family education guidance and performance of guardianship duties.In view of the situation that Li mou went to another province to start a business and entrusted his mother to take care of Xiao Lin in Shanghai, Changning District Procuratorate set up a file for Li Mou to urge family education guidance and set up a care group, urge li Mou to pay attention to her daughter’s physiological, psychological and emotional needs, contact and communicate with her daughter at least once a week, and give her family education books.Xiaolin also provides community activities, schoolwork counseling, psychological counseling and other services.In addition, changning District Procuratorate combined with the youth League district Committee, the first entrusted caregiver – Li’s mother into the category of supportive family education guidance.On the eve of the official implementation of the Family Education Promotion Law, the Changning District Procuratorate, the District Civil Affairs Bureau, the Women’s Federation and the Customs Commission jointly issued the Opinions on the Construction of the Procuratorial, government and social Integration classified family education guidance System, creating the first new model of integrated classified family education guidance in Shanghai.The Opinions make it clear that compulsory family education and guidance should be implemented for minors who commit crimes or are harmed by illegal and criminal acts due to their gross irresponsibility.For the problems of improper custody education or loss of supervision and education, which have not led to the deviation of minors’ behavior or the consequences of infringement, by participating in parents’ classes, parent-child public welfare activities, organizing auditing sessions, etc., to carry out supervision and guidance of family education;For families with certain difficulties in fulfilling their family education responsibilities, supportive family education guidance will be provided according to their actual needs, including psychological counseling, parent-child communication skills training, parent-child relationship repair missions, and economic assistance.In this case, The Changning District Procuratorate put the Opinions into practice and adopted different types of family guidance and education for Xiaolin’s guardians by making personalized plans, so as to cultivate “qualified parents” with precise policies and protect the healthy growth of minors.(Edited by: Wang Wenjuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang)