Small wolfberries carry beams

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Speaker: Cao Youlong, director of ningxia Academy of Agricultural Sciences Medlar Research Institute, Director of the National Medlar Engineering And Technology Research Center, “soaking medlar in a thermos cup” is a health necessity for many people.Don’t look down upon this humble little fruit, the article inside can be big.This is not, we through the whole genome sequencing of Lycium barbarum, the establishment of lycium barbarum molecular assisted breeding and gene editing technology platform, occupied the commanding heights of basic research of lycium barbarum in the world.Don’t look now “foreign”, the past wolfberry breeding but “soil” to drop residue: a pair of scissors a spade, cut off branches buried in the ground and then spread, again and again “trial and error”.It takes decades to breed new varieties.No variety, no industry.Those years, saw the farmers to dig, dig a kind, did not toss about less.I took my team to the wild desert and desert gobi in China, and collected more than 2600 pieces of lycium barbarum germplasm materials, with more than 20,000 live plants preserved, and built the world’s only lycium barbarum germplasm resource bank.With these “family background”, we directed the cultivation of more than 50 new medlar varieties.New varieties have, but the promotion of ups and downs.That year, I carried 500 strains of “Ning Citrate 7” seedlings into the field to promote.A few days down, or in the “field handle type” in front of the closed door: “kind of a lifetime wolfberry, I can not know which varieties good?”No way, had to find my hometown farming brother to help.I told them to plant 500 seedlings on two acres of land.My brother said to his face, “Rest assured,” but when he turned around, he only planted two acres.Although it is close planting, but the result of the time is still very good: two points of production is not lost at other people’s home two acres of land!The neighboring eight houses have gathered around the ground to ask what breed this is.A seedling simply rose from a dollar to more than a dozen yuan, but also rob.In the dry water shortage of the West sea fixed kind of wolfberry, but also some “soil” method.I taught farmers to fill waste beverage bottles with water, a thread, buried under the goji tree, a big bottle of water to feed a tree.When the wolfberry covered the branches, the farmers were very happy.Scientific, large-scale planting, fire industry, rich farmers.Today, ningxia medlar planting area of nearly 450,000 mu.By 2025, the comprehensive output value of wolfberry industry should reach 50 billion yuan, which is the “pillar” of rural revitalization.Guangming Daily (April 01, 2022 edition 01) source guangming net – Editor of Guangming Daily liu Juan Yang Tao edited by Min Jie