With a 9.3 rating, it’s made $16 million in five days, losing the box office and winning the word-of-mouth

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During the Spring Festival Gala, the audience was impressed by a martial arts show named “Tigress Roaring Spring”. The show tells an inspirational story about a little tiger boy who finally completes his mission after trekking mountains and rivers and going through hardships and dangers.The baby tiger in the program resembles the character of the main character in the Chinese New Year movie “Xiao Hu Dun Big Hero.”The title of the show, “Roaring Tiger Spring”, is only one word different from the film’s theme song, “Roaring Tiger Spring Comes”.Some viewers even joked that the short martial arts drama “Breast Tiger Shouts Spring” was a disguised promotion for the film “Little Tiger Dun Heroes”.However, despite the big stage like the Spring Festival Gala to promote the film, the film has a 9.3 rating on the Cat’s Eye platform.The box office performance of the film “Little Tiger Dun Heroes” was not ideal.The 2022 Spring Festival is a time of gods fighting.”Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” with its previous film “Changjin Lake” just topped the box office in the history of The Chinese mainland Yu Wei dropped into the Spring Festival, the film has not been released yet shouted out the history of Chinese film box office record target, it can be said that the target is aimed at the history of Chinese film box office record and other films are not unknown.Director Wen Muye, who directed the blockbuster “Dying to Survive,” brings “Miracle,” and Director Han Han, who directed “Braving the Waves” and “Pegasus,” brings “Four Seas.”Mahua Funage’s “The Killer is Not Too Cool” debuts in Chinese New Year, and MOE, fresh off his triumphant return from “On the Cliff” at the Golden Rooster Film Festival, presents the Korean War drama “Sniper.”And this decade, the “Boonie bears” series has been untouchable during Spring Festival.In the face of so many heavyweight competitors, Xiao Hu Dun Heroes still chooses to be released in the 2022 Spring Festival, which can be said as “knowing there are tigers in the mountain, they prefer to go tiger mountain”.”Tiger Pier hero” around the young hero Tiger pier in order to chase their ideal, biaozhan dream, and tiger pier want to be biaozhan, the real reason is because biaozhan big headed once told him that “as long as the tiger pier became biaozhan, parents will come back.”A white lie, but has become a small tiger pier determined to become a biaoshi power source.In order to complete their dream, tiger pier in the road when biaoshi went through untold hardships, still do not abandon, do not give up, with firm belief, tiger pier all the way through all kinds of hardships, finally get the growth of the heart, the story inspirational and warm.This is also the positive energy delivered by the film and in addition to the growth of the young, the film also carefully created a strong Atmosphere for the Chinese New Year, the Chinese New Year is coming, the little tiger dun is looking forward to the return of his parents, family reunion, the desire to share happiness for countless audiences moved.Having a reunion with his parents, Xiao Hudun’s expectation of reunion is the essence of Chinese New Year.In the film, the most eye-catching national style scene is undoubtedly a highlight, tiger dun sent darts along the landscape scenery, showing the beauty of China’s natural scenery, as if in the ink painting;The city, desert and neighboring area in the film are all taken from the real scenery, so that the audience can feel the beautiful rivers and mountains of the motherland.There are all kinds of martial arts scenes, action design hanchang happy, deep national style martial arts artistic conception of the essence, let the audience see blood boiling.The super cute image of the tiger in the film makes people like it, and the traditional culture in the film also opens the audience’s eyes.With its strong cultural flavor and inspirational story, The film has won a good reputation since its release, with a cat eye score of 9.3.In the film, the leading young hero Xiaohudun is cute and cute, which is loved by everyone. In the end, xiaohudun’s letter to his parents also touched countless parents who accompanied their children to watch the film.Although the film did not fare well at the box office during the highly competitive Spring Festival period, raking in only 16 million yuan in its first five days of release, its positive message benefited audiences.This Spring Festival, parents take their children to watch “Little Tiger Dun Big Hero”, which will not only let the children realize the cultural values of “benevolence, justice, courtesy, wisdom and faith”, but also realize that when accompanying their children to grow up, they should give them time and space to grow up slowly.As a parent this Spring Festival, did you take your children to watch the movie “Little Tiger Dun Heroes”?Give your child time and space to grow.As a parent this Spring Festival, did you take your children to watch the movie “Little Tiger Dun Heroes”?# Movie Tiger Pier Heroes #