With a winter depression, I fled into the spring mountains

2022-06-05 0 By

I’ve been thinking about taking a trip in the spring.This would have been almost impossible in my normal professional life — March and April, when the spring semester was in full swing, were too late for work, weekends and legal holidays to rest and clean up.(And does there really exist a legal holiday?All understand.)However, at this time far away, Yili apricot blossom, Nyingchi peach blossom, Wuyuan rape flower, Kyoto cherry I would not remember…It would be foolish to wait until retirement in your sixties to get out and about in the spring.I didn’t swear.Bai Juyi has a poem “autumn moon spring breeze leisure degree”, good time, youth, floating in vain……What is the equivalence?That’s the degree of equality.I’ve forgotten how many trips I’ve been forced to cancel since last summer.Watch the orders that don’t have to leave come pouring in (is that snow?That is a knife to kill the heart), watching every destination I chose become an epidemic area until my travel code brought stars, watching the money spent like constipation back to my stomach, that feeling, really uncomfortable ah.Then, this spring, I saw an opportunity and ran away.Just went through a citywide screening yesterday, and the nucleic acid proved ready.I puffed out my chest and felt stronger than I had ever felt before.The highway was empty, and a group of beautiful little sisters in the hostel reception center looked at us with the expression of strangers from the village.No, no.We seem to be constantly teased by locals for coming at a bad time, by taxi drivers, by the auntie who cooks at the b&B.Fortunately, we don’t care, either about their jokes or the fact that it’s not the right time.The reason to travel is to experience something new — or to escape from the everyday.When the daily grind is so hopeless that you can’t muster any motivation, then any form of avoidance is good, like an electronic device that has been running for too long and has accumulated so much garbage that it can live a little longer by rebooting and pretending to be brand new.And this place, at peak season, is full of human cubs.Although my generation is known as a gardener, but the unknown flower grass is full of fear after all;If you encounter a big wave, you want to plant more lines of pea shooters, or run away.Compared with many famous mountains and great rivers, the mountains here have never been very impressive.As April approached, they were still bald, like the heads of assiduous teachers of the people.Fortunately, the trees are green and the flowers are in bloom.Looking at the small, thin plum tree outside the cradle chair and landing window, I sink to my heart and have an illusion of peace and tranquility.The hospitality policy here is very traditional and sincere.In addition to Chinese and Western food, there is an independent category called “Jizhou characteristics” for breakfast (jizhou breakfast is quite delicious, at least it is more comfortable than the carbonated water and carbonated water in downtown Tianjin).In addition, send dessert to starbucks coffee, according to the number of people to send, a lot of.Since we had already drunk coffee on the highway to refresh ourselves, we tried dessert first.Go to the dessert shop, hand out two tickets and find a seat.After a while, a fragile looking gentle little sister has served us four drinks, two plates (four pieces) of cake.The shape and size of the cake are similar to that of steamed bread, firm and round.It didn’t taste bad, but I couldn’t help reminding my sister that there were two of us, two tickets, not four.The little sister said yes.The vast teacher said can not use so much, carry away or waste.Little sister smiled and said there were two kinds of juice, different taste, you can try at will.It’s…Solid.Work, after all.I sat down on the lazy sofa by the loft window on the first floor and earnestly finished the lesson for today, which was a poem about reunion.Speak far not good, but some of their own beaming – in addition to the receptionist little sister came in to send things, found the front of the paralyzed sitting in front of the computer unkempt clothes guy was a legend of the people’s teacher, the teacher is talking about “lamb milk eyes looking at the mother”…Suddenly think of no reason “soldiers assault” in the words of no philosophy – “the dusk in the mountains, always remind of the old”.(Who can tell who said it, I would like to shake your fat hand).I sat in the cradle chair, looking at the pink plum blossom and blue sky.Once a man is completely free, he will no longer exert his power. Natural shaking and free fall are the same, and so are blankness and death. They are completely free.To have everything is freedom, to have nothing is freedom.Unfortunately, most of us who travel in the world do not have real freedom.So dream of running to the spring hills.