Cheating on you right after Valentine’s Day, gossiping about female fans?Du Jiang, more sober than you think

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On the evening of Valentine’s Day, a netizen submitted a report about actor Du Jiang’s “big melon”, claiming that du jiang secretly chatted with a female fan on social media and asked her to keep her “private message confidential”.A stone stirred up thousands of waves, triggered a lot of netizens hot discussion, after all, in the minds of most of the audience, Du Jiang’s people have been “pet wife crazy devil”, variety shows, everywhere “dog food”.After the event fermented, many netizens are worried about du Jiang’s people set to collapse.Du Jiang also responded immediately, explaining the truth, saying that it was just a normal activity and interaction, I don’t know why there are always some people thinking about how to defeat a person with something that doesn’t exist, in order to achieve the purpose of “carnival”.After Du jiang’s clarification, some people expressed their understanding and trust, while others said in a strange tone: huo Siyan believes it is ok, we don’t care.Unexpectedly, huo siyan got her own response in the comments section. Her simple answer was “I believe it!”Between husband and wife, apart from love, what is more important than trust?Du Jiang and Huo Siyan have gone through too many ups and downs together. It is probably because of love and trust that they can get to where they are today.In the autumn of 1980, Huo Siyan was born in an intellectual family in Haidian District, Beijing. Since her parents were busy with work, Huo Siyan was fostered in her grandparents’ home.Five years later, du Jiang was born in a working-class home in Jinan, Shandong province, crying.Two children, five years apart in age, probably have no idea that fate will one day connect them.At the age of 17, huo Siyan, who had grown into a graceful figure, was selected by the director of an art festival and was invited to shoot a commercial accompanying the film Titanic.Under the camera, she has long hair and bright eyes, just like her first love.Also from this time, fate began to favor the girl.In 1998, at the age of 18, Huo siyan was invited to play the role of a couple with Pan Yueming in the life of The Gossiping Zhang Damin. The first time she played a couple, Pan yueming almost fell apart.The director added a kiss scene in order to increase the drama’s “hotspot”.Love or a blank Huo Siyan, on the spot was “scared” to cry, which makes pan Yueming embarrassed.After the TV series was broadcast, the response was strong. Huo Siyan’s pure image left a deep impression on the audience and became the “pure goddess” in the minds of countless audiences.In the following years, Huo Siyan successively appeared in several hit dramas such as “Three Young Masters’ Sword”, “Iron Teeth Ji Xiaolan”, “Women’s Soup”, “Son of Heaven”, “Seven Fairies of Joy”, and most of them appeared on the screen as a pure girl, and began to earn a lot of audience reputation.Unfortunately, also limited to the screen mix a familiar, has been lukewarm.In 2004, Du jiang was also admitted to Shanghai Theatre Academy, where he became classmates with Zheng Kai and Chen He and began to enjoy his college years.Seeing already 26 years old, youth in the passage of the surrounding actresses are in a variety of ways to become popular, Huo Siyan also some can not sit still.This year, Huo Siyan decided to go for it.A change in the past pure image, and Liu Qingyun partner in “I want to be famous”, in the film dedication unprecedented “large scale”.She appeared on the screen with her shoulder half naked.In that relatively conservative era, such sacrifice naturally attracted a lot of attention, which also made Huo Siyan “out of fame” and became the dream goddess of many otaku men.Many of them, including Du Jiang, who is still in her third year.This hot poster was posted in Du Jiang’s dormitory at that time.Huo siyan’s sacrifice also paid off. She was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress award of the Golden Academy Award, and successfully entered huayi Brothers and became the target of huayi Brothers’ efforts.Those who had a company add hold, Huo Siyan net worth is multiplied, still join “teddy sister group”, and the person such as Qin LAN, Li Xiaolu became “good sister”.However, there are so many scandals in the world, and scandal comes after fame.In 2009, Huo Siyan met Yang Yi, a wealthy son, at a party.One is a sexy girl, the other is a rich rich man, they hit it off.Disregard Yang Yi to still have cummer Huang Yi completely at that time, had arrived to talk about marriage the point that marry, fall in love at once, short message, telephone each other tell affection.In the face of derailment, Yang Yi contributed a “man’s sayings of cheating and playing with women’s feelings” : I really love Huo Siyan, I’m sorry Huang Yi.On the other hand, Although Huo Siyan admits that she is in love with Yang Yi, she firmly denies that she is a “mistress”.Huang Yi, who had been hurt to her heart’s desire, turned around and got married quickly with Jiang Kai, who had been pursuing her for just over a month.However, the marriage did not last long, and then came to an end. As soon as I turned around, Jiang kai and Huo Siyan had an affair.Not be enemy not gather head, since then, the contradiction between Huang Yi and Huo Siyan is troubled more bigger.In 2011, the two started a “war of abuse” on the Internet. Huang Yi, on the other hand, diss Huo Siyan as a “mistress” in each brand release conference. Huo Siyan, not to be outdone, openly called out Huang Yi on social platforms: “Who is the mistress that I am blacklisted on various websites and forums?The flames of war grew louder and louder, and eventually ended in mutual destruction, which was a major blow to each other’s fame in the entertainment industry.In the end, for the sake of their careers, they chose to reconcile.In 2012, the relationship between Huo and Yang also came to an end. As soon as she turned around, Huo fell in love with Du Jiang.03, in fact, for this relationship, a lot of people don’t believe in, two people younger than 5 years old, is “asked,” when siyan huo, in show business is worthy of a line “, and the study on modern hotel groups, on the scene after graduation, although has starred in many movies, but at best only a supporting role, in the entertainment industry is still in the rising stage.After his relationship with Huo Siyan was exposed, he was not well received, and was sometimes questioned by netizens for being a “soft rice”.In the face of doubt, Du Jiang was very generous and said with a smile: I eat soft rice because I have the capital, and if I have the ability, you also eat!As it turns out, Huo siyan has a good eye for her husband.In 2013, Huo siyan and Du Jiang got married with their son, putting an end to an imperfect affair.After marriage, in order to take care of Huo Siyan when she was pregnant, Du jiang even stopped filming and took care of Her at home wholeheartedly. He put on pregnancy oil for Her and promised that she would not be harmed and grow stripes.Huo siyan was also touched because Du Jiang was younger than her, but he always looked like a man. She could “be a child” again without any worries.What could be happier than to be doted on by the one you love?Therefore, Huo Siyan also dedicated herself wholeheartedly to help Du Jiang’s career development.When her son Ahem was born, she became a full-time mother.On the other hand, Du jiang’s career has also improved, starring in finding Mr. Right, The Dead Romance, Operation Red Sea and other films and TV dramas, which catapult him into the top 10 billion yuan box office.These years, in Du Jiang’s body, there is almost no scandal, no wonder after making a private letter fans, Huo Siyan still firmly maintain her husband’s dignity and innocence.What is the most important thing in a couple?”Let the bullets fly” in Ge You said: love.And I want to say that there is also mutual understanding and tolerance, and trust.Hopefully, they will continue to do so. After all, the entertainment industry is full of broken couples.- END