Elderly passengers feeling sick bus driver’s warm gesture won praise from passengers

2022-06-06 0 By

“What a good master!Old people sit bus sick body discomfort, he carefully arranged the front row window position, both enthusiastic and careful!”Li Wenli’s warm gesture to help an elderly man with carsickness on Xinzhou bus Z225 on Feb. 17 won unanimous praise from passengers.At around 15:30 PM, the bus li was driving was running normally.An old man suddenly got up and walked to the driver’s cab and said to him, “Master, my wife is sick and feels sick. Can you pull over?”Finish finish, Master Li through the rearview mirror to observe the situation of the carriage, an old woman is retching, extreme discomfort.On hearing the situation, he reacted quickly and said, “Can the two passengers at the gate change seats?Let the old couple sit at the door and have some ventilation. “Then he said to the old man,” This is not a stop, so you can’t park. There is a dustbin at the back door.Then li slowed down and waited for the elderly passenger to change seats. “I opened the front window,” he said. “If you feel cold, just let me know.”After listening to Master Li’s words, the old couple thanked him repeatedly.After 10 minutes, the old woman vomited more than, Master Li saw the window opened a little bit smaller, at any time to observe the situation of the old woman.Later, the symptoms of carsickness were relieved. Li still drove at a low speed and smoothly, taking care of passengers’ feelings of carsickness.16 o ‘clock, the car arrived at daoguanhe station, the old couple repeatedly thanked Master Li after the station.The passengers in the carriage silently praised him for his actions.At 16:15, Master Li arrived at the terminal.After parking, he immediately picked up the garbage in the trash can and cleaned it to avoid causing discomfort to the passengers on the next train.As it was raining, he carefully dragged the floor with a dry mop to prevent passengers from slipping.Li said he opened the window for her to ventilate, and although the cold wind caused the temperature in the carriage to drop sharply, no one complained, filling the carriage with thick warmth and driving away the winter chill.(Reporter: Luo Hui Correspondent: Shang Jing Yang Ting)