From the 3GS to the iPhone13, all those years, I’ve chased iphones

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Time flies, time flies, every approaching the New Year, there will be some review of the mood.Surfing the Internet these days, I found a very interesting post: some net friends said that nowadays mobile phones almost become an “external organ” of people, as if growing on the body, so many people tend to buy a better mobile phone experience.It makes sense to think that the thing we spend the most time with today is probably our cell phone.This time, let’s take a look at the phones that accompany us. In those years, we first knew iPhone when we were in the Nokia era. At that time, we didn’t know what this disruptive phone could do in the future, but it was clear that Nokia was not the future.Later, When Google released the first Android G1, it confirmed the end of the old era, including Windows CE.IPhone3G S this is my first iPhone, iS the NDS out of the drop after the iPod Touch 3 play half a year after the fact can not bear Windows CE mobile phone, finally decided to buy a Chinese line iPhone3G S…It is this mobile phone without Wi-Fi, which can only use Unicom 3G WCDMA. The monthly data plan is only 300M mobile phone, which gave me a different experience in those days.IPhone3G S hardware configuration, especially GPU is unprecedented powerful, complete WWW page browsing ability, multi-touch smooth zoom, I do not know what is stuck and Windows CE is a huge difference, the strength of 1080P hardware solution, in fact, in that year, iPhone is already ahead of The Times.With the original iPhone, Jobs said the iPhone was at least five years ahead of the industry, and it was still that way with the 3G S.IPhone4S from this generation, iPhone S generation and number between no space (laugh), that year mobile phone has not become the “external organ”, we replace the cycle of mobile phone are relatively long, I replace this I iPhone4S is already two months before the release of iPhone5…When iPhone5 was released, it also made me deeply realize how important it is to understand the upgrade cycle of a new product if you like digital products…IPhone4 is an undisputed classic of iPhone and a cross-era work. It is a machine that makes iPhone 5 years ahead of the industry once again.After that, the iPhone4S, as the last product released by Jobs himself, is regarded as the most memorable iPhone model in the eyes of countless Apple fans.What impressed me most about the iPhone4S was not the retina screen, nor Siri, nor the dual-core A5’s crowd-pulsing performance of the year, but the then-unknown iCloud.From then on, apple’s ecosystem shifted from Mac and iPhone to iCloud, and then to iPad. ICloud made me realize that Apple was once again ahead of its time.Since 4S, we have used mobile phones to replace Canon DC. Although there are still some shortcomings in mobile phone shooting in those days, the addition of HDR at least makes the sky no longer easy to overexpose when shooting, and the look and feel is close to that of DC in those days.The iPhone4S was still in use a few years later.IPhone6 this iPhone4S has been used iPhone6, to later battery, performance is also more difficult.IPhone6 is the best-selling generation model in the history of iPhone, the world remembers that it sold more than 200 million units in that year. As a flagship phone, it has to be admired for selling to such a degree.As the first generation of iPhone with a larger screen, iPhone6 is actually superior in terms of performance configuration. The A8 processor does not have much performance advantage compared to the A7 of 5S, and the 1G operating memory was already a bit difficult when it was released that year. Then I chose the 16G version…At a time when mobile phones were becoming external organs, the iPhone7 was replaced after less than two years of use.The iPhone7 A10 processor is probably the worst generation of a-series processors in recent years. It is hot, and the performance is not significantly improved compared to the A9.But the iPhone7 series is really what I think is one of the most beautiful iPhone generations. The pure bright black and matte black design is unique in iPhone history.In those days, I chose the 128GB matte black iPhone7 because of the 16GB capacity, while my classmates who bought the iPhone6P together suffered from the 1G memory dragging the high screen, so I chose to wait for a month and a half and bought the bright black iPhone7Plus 128GB iPhone XiPhone7.The mobile phone has gradually replaced the computer as the most used electronic device every day, becoming a kind of ‘external organ’…A year later, iPhone X came out of the blue, which changed the world once again. Since then, global touch operation has become the basic operation of mobile phones.In fact, iPhone X is not particularly satisfactory to use. The dual motherboard makes iPhone X as hot as iPhone7. IPhone X is the only phone that has serious signal problems in so many years of use, which seriously affects the use of the phone.Calls often drop in less than a minute and it’s a pain in the ass.The most difficult call was to call my cousin who bought an iPhone X together, and the two iPhone X dropouts competed to see who would drop the phone first…The iPhone XS MAX dropped lines so frequently that it was quickly replaced with the XS.The Intel baseband iPhone XS MAX actually had much better signal than the iPhone X.The first iPhone dual-sim phone, from now on two SIM cards can only use one phone, classic A12 processor, improved heat dissipation performance.The biggest problem with the iPhone XS series is that it is too expensive to sell.This is not really a consumer problem, the market has finally taught Apple, mobile phone, or some consumers will buy.This iPhone accompanied me all over the world. When I went to Hong Kong, I only took photos and videos with this phone, which made me feel the rapid development of science and technology.The XS MAX worked fine until I got a head start and switched to the iPhone11.This is a rather baffling “upgrade” for iPhone 11. The A13 is better than the A12 in terms of performance, but in terms of overall experience, the switch from XSMAX to iPhone 11 is actually a bit degraded.The logic resolution of the 6.1-inch iPhone 11 was the same as XS MAX, and the display content was also rich except for the smaller display scale. Besides, the night view mode was in great demand, and I was also interested in deep integration.There were no problems with the iPhone 11, with much improved shooting capabilities and a good night mode.However, it was not as convenient as the larger screen of the XS MAX. The ultra-wide Angle was not very useful and the telephoto lens was not convenient in some places, and the battery life was a little bit worse.The touch and texture of the iPhone 11 are not as refined as the flagship series, and the iPhone 11 is not very light…Later, the much anticipated deep fusion brought the oversharpening problem…Fortunately, HDR content was not rich enough at that time, otherwise the gap between OLED and LCD would have been more obvious…During the period of iPhone SE2, I also used an iPhone SE2 together. My family used it for a period of time, and I also used it as a secondary phone for half a year.Let’s just say it’s not the age of the iPhone6…The SE2’s screen is now a bit more compact, a bit cramped as an “external organ”, and the battery life is too strong for a charger.The iPhone SE3 is rumored to be coming this year, and many predict it will be shaped like the iPhone XR. The larger screen will make the SE3 more suitable for mainstream users.The new iPhone12 Pro Max is the largest and heaviest phone in the world, but it’s not as heavy or bulky as the screen or battery life at the current frequency of use.The iPhone12PM is well balanced, with the exception of oversharpening and quickly running out of 128gb.There is not much difference in the quality of photography, but the ability to shoot video has become better.It was also the beginning of this generation that Apple officially fully entered the ERA of HDR. The screen of iPhone12PM can meet the brightness required by Dolby Vision video. At that time, only one mobile phone can shoot Dolby Vision and play back Dolby Vision.The design of this generation has the meaning of paying tribute to the iPhone4, in fact, from the design is also the sandwich structure can not achieve the place to achieve.I think the shape is better than the more rounded feel of the iPhone X.IPhone12iPhone12 iS family use, small, light, iPhone12 and iPhone13 feel is really good, compared with iPhone11, iphone12/13 product positioning and design is better for mainstream users to use, and the gap between the pro series is really only pro level functions,The experience of everyday use is very similar.As an aside, we have used more than one version of each official case for iPhone in recent years. Finally, the official transparent case is used. Some people may be confused about the official transparent case, but in fact, this is the best choice for comprehensive hand feel, material and heat dissipation in my opinion.When iPhone13 Pro Max was changed to iPhone13PM, I learned from experience and chose the 256G version. After several months of use, there is still nearly 100 G space. As long as you don’t shoot prores videos, the capacity is enough.For a 512GB or even 1TB iPhone, you can use prores, but with the current data transfer speed of Lightning…Let’s talk about prores when iPhone supports Thunder 3…IPhone 13PM is the most satisfied generation of iPhone, in a simple word: the iPhone’s battery life is terrible!High brush, A15 performance, 1000NIT constant display brightness screen, spatial audio, Dolby view…In fact, each generation of iPhone also has corresponding advantages relative to contemporary Android phones. However, battery life has always been the weakness of iPhone except for the good performance of iPhone11pro.Until iPhone13pm…The battery life is too stable, and in the past two years, the Android camp has started to popularize high screen and high screen, 2K+120Hz huge power consumption, coupled with the 888-8 G1’s horrible heat and huge power consumption, even if the battery stack of 5000 mah is still only a passing level of battery life.Under this trend, iPhone 13PM has beaten all Android flagships in battery life with the N5P A15, the combination of soft and hard LTPO screen and 4300 mah, the largest battery capacity in the history of iPhone. So far, the battle of this generation of flagships is actually over.Apple returned to the top of the domestic market with the iPhone13, making it the most popular smartphone.That’s all for this article. Thank you for your patience. See you next time!