King of Glory: Ne Zha ice skin special effects burst, comparable to the legend, Zhuge Liang collected official publicity

2022-06-06 0 By

Time flies, in a blink of an eye will be to February, helpless sigh time passes quickly, although time passes fast, but the king of the skin but one after another on the line, this is not a new skin.Nezha’s ice skin attacks;In some time ago, king official officer xuan which zha of skin, a brand new ice, snow fly flame, which zha this all-new skin belongs to series of snow and ice, not its linkage skin, because of this, so which zha this snow and ice on the skin is also epic quality, still is not free, need to first week of 710 point to the original price 888 point.However, Nezha’s special effect of ice and snow skin is just as good as a legend.Station special effects are very good, especially the three skills, change three skills from the original flight directly to ski, this change is very novel, ray elder brother think the skin is better than the legend, the official has always been to meet players, everything is for the players, so that the skin is customized for epic quality, almost too good?For once, the authorities are paying attention.Which zha this all-new ice skin, the hero, on the basis of the original, and the creation of novel, anchor point problems don’t exist, the skin will be midnight on February 4th, mall sale, like players don’t want to miss, because it is really worth for skin, after all, epic as legend, players are stealing happy!Zhuge Liang collected official propaganda;Finally finally (important things to say three times) The glory of Zhuge Liang Tibet skin official announcement, gratifying to congratulate gratifying ah, and from the official propaganda video and propaganda figure, zhuge Liang this Tibet skin is simply handsome, have?Also with small glasses, like cold male style, the name is obviously full of star style, behind have a substantially similar craftsman style watches and clocks, and holding a empty spirit, think is handsome, now also is only a formal official propaganda propaganda animation, concrete full disclosure should be in the subsequent, actually propaganda animation is handsome enough,Will the real Revelations impress players?(manual funny) after all is the glory of the collection, the quality should not be low, friends wait.More king of Glory latest game information, please pay attention to thunder game: game thunder.