Settle!These communities in Yantai will transform the heating pipe network!Do you have a home?

2022-06-06 0 By

Yantai 500 heating co., LTD. Today online yantai station “of the people’s livelihood hotline” the household heating, modified with topics such as citizens in exchange for part of the district heating is not hot all the year round the problem of yantai 500 heating company’s customer center director assistant Wu Shaoqing is introduced to transform old pipeline renovation after temperature will improve user home left left left according to introducing,Yantai 500 regional companies according to the complaint, the organization of technical personnel to reflect poor heating users home to visit.At present, some users are not hot at home and need to adjust water temperature and flow to improve the heating situation, while some users need to adjust the network and load distribution to improve.Some users belong to the old pipe network area, there are pipeline aging, rust, blockage, pressure shortage, heating imbalance, heating efficiency is not high.This year the old pipe network transformation plan into a number of old areas of this problem, such as minsheng, South ditch, Phoenix Palace, shihui Yao, city hall and other old areas are in this year’s plan, after the transformation of the user’s home temperature will be improved.Source: Yantai Broadcasting