In 1981, the female traitor returned to visit her relatives, the secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection went to meet, a word makes her speechless

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Since ancient times, the Chinese nation has always been a united nation that does not fear power. Whenever foreign enemies invade, there will always be countless people with lofty ideals who are willing to give up their lives for the sake of the country and the nation.In modern China, there are not only the remnants of feudal forces, but also faced with warlords, the severe situation of foreign aggression, but even so, there are still countless people like Sun Yat-sen, Li Dazhao stand out to save the nation, although in a dire situation, but their hearts have lofty faith in support.At that time, as long as they were captured by reactionary forces, torture was inevitable, which also led to some people betraying the revolution for their own safety, and our hero today is such a traitor.Her name is Qin Manyun, she was born in a scholarly family, and she is also a girl, so she was loved by her family since childhood, and the education resources she usually comes into contact with are also very high quality. Growing up in such an environment, Qin Manyun is very rich both materially and spiritually.At that time, the feudal warlords were powerful, and most of the people at the bottom of the class lived in misery under their brutal rule, but Qin Manyun had never come into contact with such a life.Influenced by her family, she was exposed to many feudal ideas from an early age, and naturally became a revolutionary fighter when she grew up.In the face of national crisis, Qin Manyun is very painful regret, she is eager to do something for the country through their own efforts.With the help of others, In the 1990s, Qin Manyun successfully became a member of the Communist Party of China, she received a good education since childhood, she deeply understood that to save the nation, their current level is far from enough, so she went abroad for further study, eager to return to play a greater value.It was during her study abroad that Qin Manyun met her later husband, Sheng Zhongliang. They were both overseas students and living in a foreign land. Their existence more or less brought some comfort to another person.After returning home, two people were arranged by the Party organization to participate in the work in Shanghai, Shanghai at that time has developed very prosperous, a number of forces entrenched in this, mutual suppression, so the situation is very severe.Facing the task given to them by the Party organization, Sheng Zhongliang and his wife have been careful to act, but the Kuomintang reactionary forces were very rampant at that time, once arrested by them, a torture is unavoidable, during the revolution, countless predecessors of our party sacrificed their lives in this way.Shanghai as our party’s important revolutionary base, the situation is very unfavorable, because at that time the Kuomintang strength is very strong, from time to time will organize investigation, communist Party members can only lurk behind enemy lines for secret action.With the victory of the Long March of the Red Army, the strength and influence of the Kuomintang were further enhanced, which also made the Kuomintang more angry and demoralized, and began to create a crisis with violence, and many compatriots lost their lives.In Shanghai to participate in the activities of Qin Manyun couple also did not avoid the fate of being arrested by the enemy, in the face of the counter-revolutionary forces of torture, Qin Manyun eventually failed to hold on, she was originally under the influence of the family to participate in the revolution, and since childhood, how can be so humiliated.In her confession, the Kuomintang in Shanghai many revolutionary bases were destroyed by the enemy, the strength of the serious damage, and Qin Manyun has turned into a kuomintang meritorious people.Under qin Manyun’s persuasion, husband Sheng Zhongliang eventually also chose to betray the revolution, because their couple mastered a lot of secrets of our party, so this rebellion let Shanghai party organization suffered a serious blow.Temporarily put down after the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, kuomintang and the communist party feud, started their second cooperation, at this stage, only a common enemy of the Chinese nation, that is, Japanese imperialism in the process of the Anti-Japanese War, both the communist party and the kuomintang has played a big role, eventually to defend the national security, defeated the invaders.With the end of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, the conflict between the Kuomintang and the Communist party was highlighted again. Sheng zhongliang and his wife chose the Kuomintang side. After the defeat, they came to Live in Taiwan and then moved to the United States.After the reform and opening up, China began to open its door to welcome overseas Chinese and Chinese from all over the world to invest in China. Qin Manyun finally had the opportunity to return to China again. Facing her request, the Party organization finally agreed after many discussions.In 1981, after Qin Manyun returned to China, our party specially sent someone to receive qin Manyun. In the face of qin Manyun’s cordial greetings, he only replied that it was our party’s duty to do things. Hearing this, Qin Manyun also knew his situation.Although many years later, the fact that she betrayed the revolution and caused serious losses to the Party organization is indelible. In order to make up for her past mistakes, Qin Manyun later invested in many industries in China, which also brought certain positive effects to the local economic development.