The production tasks of the Fourth Yanchang Oil and Gas Plant have been completed over schedule

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In the face of the situation that the 2021 production capacity construction task is on the fast track, Yanchang No. 4 Petroleum Production and Gas Plant is keeping a close eye on the time node, grasping early and moving fast, and promoting exploration and development in an orderly manner.The implementation of the key link “time-limited management”, the annual delivery of natural gas 38.78 million square meters, 5.78 million square meters over the plan, a record, 42 days in advance to complete the annual delivery task!125 Wells were completed, 11 days ahead of schedule!Before drilling, 9 well sites were completed and 131 gas fracturing tests were performed. All production tasks were completed ahead of schedule, realizing a steady start in the 14th Five-Year Plan.At the beginning of the year, the factory grasped early and moved fast. Drilling operations did not stop during the Spring Festival. Well Yan2162-2 was successfully spunked on the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month, opening the prelude to the battle of well construction in 2021.Establishment of oasis, rich county two area drilling management team, optimize the open acceptance, plugging technology, gas acceptance process, such as to make the technical countermeasures according to the construction difficulties, do a regional approach, a well a countermeasure, each working procedure to achieve seamless side and 100% party a’s supervision, the average single well drilling cycle is more than 2 days, saving management service efficiency greatly improved,Drilling operations press the fast forward button;Fuxian — Ganquan ground gathering and transportation Project started construction on September 23. By the end of December, 20 kinds of formalities had been completed, including 15% of the line sweeping, 10% of the welding, 85% of the main body of the house and the equipment foundation, and the main body of the office building in two living security points was sealed in advance, which effectively guaranteed the completion of the construction task of the project.In 2021, the plant will focus on key technologies such as oil and gas reservoir enrichment rule, reservoir protection, dynamic analysis and so on, constantly strengthen geological understanding, innovative development means, and new scientific research achievements continue to emerge.”Innovation of Fine Depiction Method of Pre-Carboniferous Paleogeomorphology in central and Eastern Ordos Basin” won the prize of Shaanxi Innovation Method Competition;”Research and Application of Fracture Network Acid Pressing Technology of Lower Paleozoic in Fuxian Area of Yan ‘an Gas Field” won the first prize of Scientific and technological Achievements of the Group company;The basic geological research project “Key technologies of geological understanding innovation and efficient Exploration and Development of Majiagou Formation of Lower Paleozoic in Yan ‘an Gas Field” won the third prize of Science Progress Award of Shaanxi Province.The three-stage drilling profile trajectory design was adopted to optimize the potassium chloride polyonic acid anti-slump drilling fluid system, and new tools such as personalized PDC bit and THREE-DIMENSIONAL composite torque impactor were used to significantly improve the drilling rate and shorten the drilling cycle. The average drilling cycle was 38.37 days, 24.43% shorter than the previous year, and the average drilling rate was 9.98m/h.An increase of 14.28% over the previous year;The open flow rate of gas test in M55 layer 5 of Well Yan2120-2 reached 324000 m3 / day, and the highest open flow rate of gas test in M55 single layer was obtained by oil and gas exploration company.The open flow of gas in well 27-1 reaches 578,500 m3 / day, and the open flow of gas in Ganquan area reaches a new high, which provides technical support for exploration of new strata and large-scale production in the construction and production area.This year, the factory created “1311 Working Method”, carried out benchmarking study for more than 30 times, and sorted out 15 task indicators.The Fuxian-Ganquan project is expected to reduce investment by 31.06 million yuan and increase oil recovery by 4% by optimizing system pressure, improving equipment integration and simplifying process flow.Collect 639 suggestions for the whole factory center work, and form a compilation of rectification results. 3 rectification results are among the best in the company’s “Management 321-” achievement exhibition and evaluation.”Selection” three hills, master business backbone technical personnel, formed a group of 18, give full play to their role as the “pass, side, belt”, recorded tree on the maintenance, air compressed shout wear operations such as video, night classes in technology, the scene teaching, innovative teaching methods, to ensure the quality of teaching, gains in oil and gas exploration company technical jousting drilling class the first prize and second prize.The establishment of the “three posts” is deeply integrated with various work. 89 “three posts” demonstration personnel are based on their posts and have excellent standards, forming a good situation of “demonstrating a point, driving a line and influencing a large area”. The demonstration function of posts is constantly strengthened, and advanced representatives and deeds of each post are constantly emerging.In 2021, the factory consolidated the responsibility of safety management through factory-level package and section-level package point, and further promoted the three-year action of safety production special rectification.The “three prevention” drill is listed as the key content of gas layer acceptance, and the well control joint prevention agreement is signed with Shengli Tubing Center of Sinopec, and the drilling company is cooperated to hold comprehensive emergency drill on drilling site, which ensures the essential safety of well construction operation and provides a strong security guarantee for the stable development of the enterprise.6S management and the standardization of plant and station are constantly advancing in depth.Implement the evaluation system, carry out internal inspection 12 times, reported to deal with 17 cadres and staff, the factory appearance has A new look, successfully passed the group 6S standard acceptance, the staff restaurant food safety and hygiene grade A audit;The strict implementation of the “three lines and one list” management has overcome many difficulties such as the difficulty of on-site hazardous waste management and control and the lack of disposal capacity. A total of 162,800 tons of waste liquid and 149,100 tons of solid waste have been treated, realizing the closed-loop control of hazardous waste treatment.No general or above safety and environmental protection accidents occurred in the whole year.Stick to the beginner’s mind A new chapter in opened up into the center Over the past year, the factory insists on the history of the party education achievements transformation to promote work efficiency, the belief of “hard work, pioneering and innovative” into “build first-class large gas fields of ten billion” the vivid practice, carry out the party history study education and cadre education training project “, “history of the party micro recitation” series of activities such as “red film”,Present to the centennial birthday of the Party with the attitude of striver.Focusing on small incisions, precise force, continue to carry out “I do practical things for the masses” practice activities, effectively enhance the strength, depth and temperature of doing practical things, solve 53 employees “urgent and difficult” problems, make the “problem list” into the employees “happiness bill”;We will strictly enforce party self-governance in all respects, promote synergy between the two responsibilities, and effectively make use of the “grand Oversight” platform to carry out 12 open and secret inspections and joint inspections.The Party Commission for Discipline Inspection conducted three interviews with one admonitions, and 11 admonitions, and supervised 14 admonitions to promote reform based on specific cases, improving Party conduct and integrity.There is only a long way to go until 2022. Under the firm and correct leadership of the oil and gas exploration company, Yanchang Petroleum Production And Gas Plant No.4 will continue to devote itself to the magnificent development of Yanchang Petroleum with more firm confidence, more high morale and more full enthusiasm, and pursue its dream with passion in the magnificent journey of the second century of extension.Author: Gao Bin tian Jiemiao reporter Gao Shijie