10,000 yuan banknotes scattered on the streets, police help “perfect return”

2022-06-08 0 By

Pieces of 100 yuan banknotes scattered on the ground, this often appeared in the film and television drama scene, recently also in the streets of wuxue city real staged.However, warm heart is, in the City public Security Bureau traffic police brigade a squadron of auxiliary police and the help of enthusiastic citizens, scattered cash back to the hands of the owner.”Look!There’s a lot of cash lying around.”14 PM on March 29th, is publication Jiang Da Wu Xue city road patrol Wang Angui instructor followed guide the direction of the masses, where I saw the road strewn $one hundred bills, because of course, a lot of money by the wind to blow, and the owner is the road to pick up money everywhere, while a large number of vehicles from his passing, looks very dangerous.See this situation, Wang Angui instructor immediately led auxiliary police Zheng Kai, Hu Xiang and Zhang Hao to maintain the order of the scene, command vehicles bypass, separated a relatively safe area for the owner, at the same time to help pick up a piece of money scattered on the ground, we work together to encirclement and intercept these money.A car driver saw the police to help pick up money, he also immediately stopped the car to help pick up money, and will pick up the money to the owner.At this time, nearby people also joined the team to pick up money.Police cooperation, just a few minutes of time, scattered on the ground of the money was picked up, police will pick up the money in the hands of the owner.”Or good people, the scene on TV actually appeared in my body, really thanks to the police comrades and kind citizens.”The party said excitedly holding the lost money., according to the parties at the time he ride a motorcycle to the east, and when he rode to the publication jiang avenue, installed in the jacket of 20000 cash from the pocket when fall out, as a result, a gust of wind to blow money, sudden scene he was dazed, wish this can be done, and the didn’t want to meet kind policeman and enthusiastic people.