Break the misunderstanding!HOTSUIT science helps burn the card

2022-06-08 0 By

Recently, thanks to the elevator advertisement and consumer word of mouth, the HOTSUIT has become popular, especially among those who love healthy weight-loss sports.It has also been noted that the HOTSUIT is a popular suit for celebrity athletes, such as UFC champion Rose Namayunas of the US, UFC champion Zhang Weili of China, UFC champion Joanna Jedelzejczyk of Poland, well-known UFC players Li Jingliang, Yan Xiaonan and Wang Guang are all loyal fans of the HOTSUIT.With the popularity of the garment, the question of its usefulness has also become the focus of public opinion.When many people first see a sweatsuit, they will mistakenly think that it is a product to lose weight through stuffy sweat. The popularity of “sweating is not equal to losing weight” has brought many misunderstandings to the sweatsuit.In fact, according to a lot of data, sweat suits do have the effect of burning cards.(Chinese physical medicine and rehabilitation magazine sponsored by the Chinese medical association of physical medicine and rehabilitation professional high level academic journals), in August 2010, issued a paper entitled “the aerobics training of adolescent obesity patients under different temperature the effect of body fat, report, report results show a high body temperature helps to promote metabolism, promote combustion efficiency.For every 1℃ increase in body temperature, the metabolism increases by 12 to 13 percent.In other words, the increase of body temperature is of great help to the improvement of calorie burning effect.HOTSUIT is based on this principle. It adopts patented heat-controlled silver technology fabric, lightweight silver film antibacterial material and new waterproof coating layer, which can reflect the heat released by people during exercise back to the human body, making the body temperature rise rapidly, enhancing the rate of metabolism, thus improving the efficiency of burning heat and scientifically activating sweat glands.Therefore, the HOTSUIT does not simply achieve weight loss by increasing sweat production.In addition, wearing the HOTSUIT can produce a greater EPOC effect (also known as the “afterburn effect”), which enables the body to continue to burn calories after exercise, further improving calorie burning efficiency.To put it simply, after exercise, the body will continue to burn calories in the process of gradually returning to the initial temperature with the help of the post-show sweat suit.Shanghai University of Sport conducted a controlled trial and released a research report on HOTSUIT in 2021.According to the report, the subjects’ exercise energy expenditure increased by up to 10.1% when wearing the HOTSUIT compared with normal exercise clothes.The maximum resting energy expenditure increased by 29.5% after exercise while wearing the HOTSUIT.In addition, concerns about steam permeability have also been addressed in the HOTSUIT.At present, there are many brands of violent sweat clothes on the market, and many cheap violent sweat clothes really cannot guarantee air permeability.However, HOTSUIT 904Pro, the latest upgrade of HOTSUIT, develops industry-leading technology and technology. The moisture permeability index of micro-porous vapor permeable fabric reaches 2000G/M2/24H, which enables athletes to maintain a comfortable body surface when wearing it. It not only won’t cause hot and uncomfortable feeling, but also is very friendly to the skin.(The moisture permeability of 904Pro sweat suit is 2000G/M2/24H, which is about 50 times that of plastic wrap.)In general, HOTSUIT has certain effects on improving exercise efficiency and calorie burning effect.However, the most important thing in losing fat is to combine exercise with a reasonable diet, which is also the concept of healthy life advocated by HOTSUIT.It is important to keep hydrated while wearing the HOTSUIT.In addition, no matter whether you wear HOTSUIT or not, you should not do strenuous exercise, and you need to make a reasonable exercise plan.Finally, more and more people choose to exercise at home, but indoor sultry feeling is not conducive to breathing, so indoor movement must remember ventilation.Exercise is the only way to lose weight, and the right way to use HOTSUIT will help people on this path.Wear it and stick to running, yoga or playing ball every day, not only can better achieve calorie burning effect, after seeing their own changes, self-confidence will increase, sports will be more motivated, but also help to develop good perseverance!