China has made the world’s biggest robot!India is like an ant before China

2022-06-08 0 By

Europe, the United States and Japan have been regarded as the most advanced places in the world in terms of industrial capacity, and the world has been constantly purchasing the products produced by these countries’ advanced industries. As the most advanced representative of modern industry, industrial robots are the target of global focus.But Our country has long occupied the upper hand in this field, has become the world’s largest robot consumer for many years, and even our country is about to create a series of advanced robots to participate in the operation of intelligent robots, have to admire the speed of industrial development in Our country, can be said to be behind.Perhaps in the impression of many people, industrial robots are usually used for cargo handling and heavy equipment to work, but Our country has made a huge improvement on it, and our country in this change has also made many fields began to use robots, and even has entered every household,Many express delivery companies in China began to use robots more and more to complete the work in the sorting and packaging business, and the efficiency is far more than manual operation.To know that China’s research and development work in the field of robot is later than Europe and The United States and other advanced countries for many years, why China can come from behind, and complete the reverse, and even become the world’s largest consumer?Became the first along with our country’s rise, but also the world’s second economy, let have a huge market in China, as is the need of all walks of life, and with China’s strong economic support, is definitely on our country the number of robotics is very big, also let the robot’s developers have more experience,In this way, China will have more and more advanced robot technology.Second years in our country is willing to cooperate with every friendly countries mutual win-win situation, and the products made in our country has always been a cheap and fine reputation in the world, the same industrial robot has become the first choice of many countries all over the world goals, and with the continuous development of robot technology in China, in the field of high-end robot also be chased around the world.And with the continuous foreign procurement contracts, there is more money, which has become the help of Our country to continue to study advanced robots, so our country will in a short period of time to complete the reverse of Europe, America and Japan, jumped to become the world’s first robot consumer.Such news always make our biggest rival India collapse again, netizens have India, said India now don’t go to provoke China, the gap between India and China have very large, alone in the field of robot, India in front of China like ants, let alone other aspects, completely by easing the bit in China.Indeed, our country has never seen any country as an opponent, if India is willing to develop with us, our country is also very welcome, but if India is still hostile to our country, perhaps now China really want to pinch an ant as easily to deal with India.(independent)